Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - July 16, 2007

Do you have any S.C. football memorabilia?

I would like to acquaint your readers with an upcoming project now starting at the South Carolina State Museum which will produce an exhibition about the history of football in the Palmetto State. Scheduled to open in July/August 2008, this exhibit will trace the game's development from its early beginnings in the late 19th century to the end of the 20th century.

In order to make this exhibition come alive and provide a new perspective on one of this nation's favorite sports, the Museum is seeking artifacts, photographs and promotional material from all periods and all levels of the game. Artifacts such as footballs, uniforms, equipment, posters, tickets, and booster clothes and related material are just some of the objects we seek. This exhibition will follow the game's development from the most amateur youth levels to the high school, small college, major college and professional ranks. Our focus is on South Carolina and the players who are from this state, as well as the coaches and benefactors of the game. We are interested in both donations and loans from the smallest organizations and schools to major institutions across the state.

Our plans are to have this exhibition up through February 2009. For more information and to answer questions about the project and its request please contact me at (803) 898-4942 or, by e-mail, at fritz.hamer@museum.state.sc.us.

Fritz Hamer, Ph.D.

Curator of History

S.C. State Museum

County is faced with numerous problems

The problem, as I see it, is, first, the York County Council. Why don't they take care of the waste problem for good? There are systems that separate and burn, all in one. This might cost big bucks, but the county is spending hundreds of thousands a month now. Also, why not grind up all the trees and stumps going into a landfill? Our county leaders are not thinking of the future.

Now, how about the $22 million radio system that will cost over $1 million a year in service charges? The joke is on us taxpayers.

I note the county and The Herald support a 50-foot buffer zone on Lake Wylie. My question is, why do I have to pay property tax on land I cannot use? Another thought is that the 1-cent extra tax that is supposed to reduce school taxes on your home you live in is a way for the county to go up on your tax to pay for unneeded projects and still say you pay less tax on your home. Business and other property owners had better watch out; we are next for higher taxes.

I did see where the four area school superintendents went to Columbia to try to get a millage increase. Six mills is enough for them each year. Is the government out of control? We cannot keep up with our school buildings. Developers are getting rich. We as taxpayers are going broke. The only good tax I voted for is the Pennies for Progress. We are getting the best road system in the state.

Another complaint I hear is about the campers. Why doesn't the county go on and put in the camping area at the Allison Creek Landing? This will make money. The Ebenezer park stays full, is the county council blind?

Charlie E. Fox

Rock Hill