Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - July 18, 2007

Allowing Sunday sales is asking for trouble

I would definitely vote no to alcohol sales on Sunday! The folks who want alcohol have six days a week to drink till they drop.

They can stay dry one day a week. If not, they may have a problem with their drinking and should get help! It's nice that I can take my family out to eat on Sunday after church and not have to hear a bunch of drunk adults cussing and carrying on at the table next to my kids.

Pass this law in York County and you will soon see a spike in alcohol-related injuries and deaths. It's still to early for Rock Hill to draw a graph or show stats. But you will see an increase soon enough.

For those who want this, I hope it's not your family or friends who pay for your "yes" vote.

Bradley Pierce

Rock Hill

Include stores in alcohol referendum

The referendum on Sunday beer/wine sales should also include beer/wine sales in stores. I'm certain we lose a lot of revenue to North Carolina for this reason.

Common sense dictates that many people have more time on weekends to enjoy a nice drink in hand, so what is the logic of cutting Sundays out of the picture? North Carolina has already hurt our educational lottery in York County by opening their own program, so why don't we "fight back" and offer Sunday beer/wine sales?

John Eddy

Tega Cay

Toilet restrictions are unrealistic

Chick Sales, where are you when we really need you?

Wernher von Braun once remarked to me: "The flush toilet is the bane of civilization!"

Well, Wernher has departed this Earth for greater horizons. If he were with us today, however, he'd agree that the one-gallon-flush bill passed by Congress was asinine legislation!

For this family of two (plus a mini-poodle), trying to stay within prescribed limits of this law is impossible; we've been battling this idiotic decree to no avail! Know what these feckless attempts to save water have amounted to? Zilch!

Stop dumping the endless stream of taxpayer dollars down the tube! Cretins, in and out of government, listen up to the Marines: "Shape up, or ship out!" From this outpost of freedom "we've just begun to fight!"

Laws are made by two-legged people, and they can be corrected by the same ones who made the mistakes in the first place!

The future of this nation is at stake! We must stay the course for freedom!

Lou Page

Rock Hill