Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - July 19, 2007

Nominate local sports hero

I appreciate Mike Massey's letter of June 20 concerning the Sport Hall of Fame. There are many people in our county who deserve consideration.

Our process requires that the citizens of York County make the first step by nominating someone they feel is deserving. The form goes to a nominating committee, which has a representative from each community in the county. It is then forwarded to the selection committee, which has the difficult task of selecting the final inductees.

This process has worked well for 10 years. I encourage everyone to pick up a nomination form at the Rock Hill/York County Convention & Visitors Bureau located at the Baxter Hood Center or call (803) 329-5200.

This is a great event and we want to honor those who are deserving. But remember, you are a critical part of the process.

Dennis Partlow,


Sport Hall of Fame

Rock Hill

Sunday alcohol sales are next domino to fall

The possible upcoming vote on Sunday alcohol sales is on the fast track and gaining steam. And one of the reasons this momentous issue has gotten to where it now is should be placed squarely on the shoulders of the various town councils within York County (i.e., Lake Wylie, York, etc.).

In looking across the nation, prepared food taxes were mostly set in place within resort areas because they typically have a scant industrial base and provide a way to help pay for the additional needed police as well as repairing the wear and tear from the tourism industry.

Well, the past several years have seen York County levying excessive food taxes on prepared foods nearly across the board. Usually this is done to extract tax money from area visitors, but in our case, it is a way of squeezing more money out of the local residents. And in many cases it has only forced more than a few of us to pack more bagged lunches, as well as more frequently grill out at home rather than going out to eat. Hey, people have to draw the line somewhere.

Well, folks, now that York County has been inadvertently declared a "resort area" by our local council members, we should expect nothing less than Sunday alcohol sales as being the next domino to fall. That is the natural consequence of these things.

Greg Foundos