Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People

Why not take simple approach?

I am an old lady (78), but I have a few solutions to our major problems. Use what the kids call KISS. ( Keep it simple, stupid. )

First problem: National deficit.

Solution: All bills in Congress must be passed on their own merit. No attachments.

Second problem: Drunken drivers.

Solution: For any drunken-driving arrest, the automobile that is being used is immediately confiscated. It does not matter whose car it is. Auto now belongs to police who can sell it at auction. Parents would think twice about letting children have car. Anyone who is drinking would use a designated driver.

I know it makes too much sense and lawyers would fight it. But we all might be safer driving and our national deficit might be erased.

P.S. Yes, I wear purple.

Grace Ebersold Ulbricht


Don't extend Dave Lyle Boulevard

Praise the Lord for opposition to the Dave Lyle Extension. When Newland is salivating enough to put up $8 million one can assume the worst.

Newland is famous for having devastated more forests than Dutch elm disease and the chestnut blight combined.

Then they follow up by bulldozing any evidence of any living thing.

Following this, they pack six homes to the acre, without room to walk between them. The homes have so little personality that one must use GPS to locate one when returning home.

I live near enough to one of their disasters that even displaced deer have taken to seeking food at my modest golf-course home.

Let us hope the Dave Lyle Extension is blocked into the next century.

Billy Shaw

Tega Cay