Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - July 21, 2007

Pelosi quote was fabrication

A recent letter quoted Nancy Pelosi as saying, "We will return to the 60 percent to 80 percent tax rates on the rich..." A quick check on the Web site of Urban Legends reveals that this is not true.

She did say, "We will eliminate the tax breaks given to the ultra-rich by this administration and also eliminate the $33 billion tax breaks given to the oil and energy business."

Now why in the world would someone spread this vicious lie about Mrs. Pelosi?

Gerald Allen

Rock Hill

Road closing makes no sense

I write this letter in total disbelief after reading the article about the proposed changes to Adnah Church Road and S.C. 161 intersection. I have driven Adnah Church Road to work for 19 years, and until they widened S.C. 161, that intersection was a troublesome area. However, since S.C. 161 was widened, it is much improved and much easier and safer.

The only thing that would make it better in that area is to repair and repave Marion Street so that we would have a better road to get to the convenience store. I don't know who came up with the idea to close Adnah Church Road at 161, but they must be delusional.

So, finish paving Adnah Church Road, fix Marion Street, and put a red light at the other end on Adnah Church Road where it intersects with S.C. 5. Then things will move smoothly. Don't waste our "Pennies for Progress" by building an unnecessary road when one is already there.

David E. Youmans

Rock Hill

Why print only bad news on Iraq?

I am a rising sophomore at Northwestern High School. I read The Herald every morning, and I believe that the local coverage that The Herald provides is excellent. The sports section is also very well done.

The coverage of Iraq, though, is very one-sided. It seems to me that the articles chosen to be published are all used to make the war in Iraq into a completely bad thing. They are also used to try to pressure the government into withdrawing from Iraq.

I understand that pretty much every media source in the country uses their business to voice their opinion on political issues. I believe that although the articles that are published are true, they are all about the negative aspects of the war. Very few of the articles have anything positive. This is where it becomes biased. When only the negative articles are presented, the paper shows only one side of the war. The positive articles (rarely even in the paper) are put in the "in brief" section and are only a few sentences long.

Regardless of people's opinions on what the government should do in Iraq, the fact remains that we still have soldiers fighting to free other people from the bondage and terror they experienced under Saddam Hussein. Also Iraq is no longer a safe place for terrorist groups, as it was when Saddam was in power. Are these not positive things?

The number of U.S. soldiers killed is in the articles. The number is 3,617 killed in Iraq. The number of insurgents/terrorists killed is very, very rarely in any articles. The estimated number of insurgents killed or captured in Iraq is over 50,000. But these numbers are rarely published. The positive aspects of the war need to be published not only for an unbiased report but because our soldiers also read what is published in the media, and to see only the negative aspects must be very discouraging.

Drayton Wade

Rock Hil