Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - July 23, 2007

Give people a choice to drink on Sunday

This letter is in response to the letter by Bradley Pierce on July 18. I respectfully disagree with Mr. Pierce's assessment that allowing Sunday sales would be trouble for York County. It is time for voters of this county to overturn laws that penalize our businesses and citizens, laws that were written years ago when we were still a "small town" with the small town mind set.

We are one of the fastest growing counties in the South, not just the state of South Carolina. It would be one thing if we were located directly in the center of the state and our citizens had little choice on shopping/restaurants. But to be located 25 minutes from Charlotte, we are slowly bleeding ourselves to death by keeping old, outdated laws on the books. The city of Rock Hill finally wised up and took the bold step last year, and my family has decided to stay local after church on Sundays when, in the past, we may have driven across the line for lunch and drinks.

It really isn't a matter of allowing people to "drink until they drop," as Mr. Pierce stated. It is a simple matter of affording adults a choice that we simply don't have in certain parts of this county. I agree with another writer who stated we should not only remove the barriers to Sunday alcohol sales in restaurants, but we should also remove the restrictions for buying at grocery and convenience stores.

As for Mr. Pierce's fear of sitting at a restaurant listening to "a bunch of drunk adults cussing and carrying on at the table next to my kids," my question is, what type of restaurants are you going to, sir? My wife and I have taken our children out to eat on Sundays in Rock Hill since the Sunday sales have been approved, and we have yet to experience that type of behavior. Perhaps Mr. Pierce should reconsider his choices for after-church lunch. When my wife and I leave church -- yes we are Christians in favor of this repeal -- we sometimes choose to have a drink with our lunch. And I assure you we don't cuss and carry on.

There are some responsible adults out there who are being penalized by folks like Mr. Pierce who desire to impose moral beliefs on people who don't share their opinions. I believe my wife and I are raising our children to have very strong, Christian moral fabric, but not everyone views alcohol as morally reprehensible. Heck, even Jesus turned water into wine!

Rob Simpson

Rock Hill

Beware, things can get worse

We, the people of the United States of America, are in deep trouble as a nation because we let our spiritual faith be voted out of our lives by elected officials and some Christian leaders, and replaced it with a new faith called government and bling-bling.

Since we put our faith in the elected gods, look at us today. Schools have become a lovers lane between students and teachers. We have the dumbest, most gadget-carrying students in the world. No health care, the largest prison population, jobs leaving the country. And George Bush for eight years. Beware, it can get worse than that.

Norman A. Chisolm

Rock Hill

Don't allow video poker on Catawba reservation

This is in response to the effort to overturn the ruling to bar video poker machines on the Catawba Indian reservation. I remember when the Catawba land deal took place, and I am also aware of the constant mismanaging of the money that has now impacted the Catawba economy.

If the money had been in responsible hands, this problem may not exist, and I do not feel that video poker is the answer. Gambling is addictive and will only create more problems for families all over the state. The answer for this state and for the Catawbas is to create jobs that are legal so that people are able to work and support their families, not so that this state can take gambling money from one family that may need it and give it to another. There was no plan for the future 14 years ago, and gambling should not be allowed to be the "quick fix" now.

Darla Muckenfuss

Fort Lawn