Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - July 24, 2007

Look closer at causes for wrecks

In my opinion, Adam O'Dan-iel's article about a recent rash of fatal automobile accidents conspicuously left out some pertinent information, such as:

What time the fatal accidents occurred?

What blood-alcohol or other drug impairment was measured?

Were the seat belts engaged?

What was the age and experience level of the vehicle operators?

Where did the accidents occur?

In other words, the article was vague, and suggested to me that these drivers were merely careless. I beg to differ.

Careless is a motor vehicle operator who, for example, is distracted by a cell phone, but careless is not an appropriate characterization of an individual driving too fast at 2 a.m. on a two-lane highway after having a "few" drinks.

I suggest that the facts you left out may implicate negligence. When one receives the death penalty for making an error in judgement, it is a tragedy, however, not if it is the result of asking for it. In other words, the difference between carelessness and negligence is vast, and your piece ignored it.

I enjoyed the article while driving on S.C. 5, flipping off those who couldn't see I was trying to read.

Dan Wilt

Rock Hill