Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - July 25, 2007

Chief looks forward to tribe's renewal

On Sunday morning, just as the sun rose, history was made. My people have had their voice heard and elected me to represent them as chief. I am honored by their trust and confidence that they have placed in me. I promise to them that I will never betray them and will be there for them through every step.

A new day has arrived. We have to look forward as we work hard together and be able to overcome the obstacles that we face as a renewed Nation. I want to thank all of these people who voted and thank all of the candidates. The race was done in a professional manner, and I was honored to have an election where all of the candidates were so cordial with one another. Thank you all. I look forward to serving you as the chief of the Catawbas.

Chief Donald Rodgers

Rock Hill

Did Terry Plumb really retire?

Will Rogers and Chub Seawell used to say something to the effect that all they knew was what they read in the newspapers.

I recently read that Terry Plumb had retired. But did he really retire? His Sunday column is in the same place. They still run the Plumb crazy classified ad.

But if he did retire, let's look at what happened under his watch. He gave us small print and dim ink. He reduced the Chester County page in half or less; cut the stock market pages from two to one. The daily TV guide page has been reduced to less than half of a page. This space reduction did not result in additional news, but was used for more advertisements. The Herald has become almost a non-news newspaper. What little national news that we see is slanted to the Democrat point of view. Local news has also suffered accordingly. But he didn't reduce the price of the paper.

He turned free services into paid ones. Wedding and engagement announcements, letters to Santa, (Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, but you will have to pay to run your letter in the Herald), and obituaries (you get a munificent two-inch column free) are printed for a fee.

So, if he did retire, ring out the Irish green and ring in the garnet and black.

Meredith E. Bynum

Rock Hill