Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - July 26, 2007

Beware of phony political promises

Regarding the recent letter, "Where was outrage over Clinton's pardons?": Kudos to Jeff Fairfax. Well done!

Things have changed on the Hill since my staff service in the 90th Congress. And, sorry to say, things are much worse than then, and very little hope of it getting better.

One of the things that sparked our interest in retirement to Rock Hill was, first of all, this beautiful country and the beautiful people we've met. Yes, since we landed here a couple of months ago, we've learned from the media that "there's trouble in River City." Well, that's true in any part of the country, in any part of the world, no matter where one finds oneself in thus challenging, uncertain age in global history.

More wrongs repeated, more questionable "forks in the road," however, we must not be factored into our future thinking insofar as we may have the opportunity to help improve the overall situation. As I've written countless times over my 80-plus years, at this period in our nation's history, what we must fear most is ... the enemy within!

The comic character Pogo had it right: "We've met the enemy, and he is us!"

Politics (greedy politicians, especially those driven by an inscrutable lust for power) is a no-fun, no-win game for responsible citizens whose main wish is to live in peace. The Civil War, more properly identified as the War between the States, is a prime example of how one force can and will, given the opportunity, do its utmost to eradicate a culture, a people and their God-granted right to life. The ugly situation we find ourselves caught up in the Middle East is part and parcel of what's been going on in that part of the world since recorded history of biblical times.

Twas ever thus! But that's no reason for right-thinking, reasonable people to give up! Please keep in mind, dear citizens, that pie-in-the sky promises cheap-shot politicians claim they'll do for you really are what they have in mind to do for themselves first!

It's time to pull up our socks from inside and together, and stay the course for freedom!

Lou Page

Rock Hill