Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - July 28, 2007

Seven is important number in the Bible

I am writing this in response to the July 1 article concerning "In Sevens' Heavens."

To me, the best and greatest part are the seven last sayings, from the cross.

Seven is a number of perfection. In Revelations, you will find seven lamps, spirits' eyes, stars, thunders, last plagues, kings, candlesticks, horns, churches as well as seven heads.

There are also seven crowns and mountains. You will need to read Revelations to find out many things about these sevens.

In Proverbs, there are seven sins that the Lord hates. Proverbs 6-16.

Job 5-19, tells you about praising God seven times a day.

Daniel 3-19 tells of heating the furnace seven times more than it was.

Isaiah 11-15 tells of the seven streams.

Gen. 2-3 tells us God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, because he had rested from all his work.

Gen. 41-29-30, speaks of seven years of plenty and famine.

I pray that you will search the Scriptures to find the real meaning of sevens of heaven.

Seven is a symbol in the Bible, and it is very important. It has been called the sacred number.

It is my prayer that you will be able to understand more about this sacred number.

Mary Passmore


Look at whole real estate picture

It is good news that real estate is doing well in York County. However, attributing this to low property taxes is deceiving. The Rock Hill Realtor quoted in the story ignores the inequity in property assessments and the special assessments that increase the homeowners' payments. Take, for example the special assessment where some owners are charged extra for each $100,000 of assessed value. The realtor should be working to bring these taxation issues into the open. She is an honest Realtor, after all, and profits from sales and good will.

The tax assessor has two difficult functions: to "ensure that all properties are appraised fairly and equitably," and to "reappraise and reassess all property every five years." Equitably means comparably sized homes in any given area should be taxed a similar amount. A review of tax assessments on the tax assessor's website reveals horrific inequities. The evidence is a matter of public record.

The five-year reassessment remains a mystery. Buy a house in 2007 and dread the five-year review. It could come a year after you buy, or be an 80 percent increase in our taxes in 2009. There's no warning, and it's rarely comparable to the other homes in the neighborhood.

The story misleads your readers. "Come into my parlor where property taxes are low," said the Realtor to the buyer. But the parlor of lower taxes is a trap concealed by self-serving cover-ups from real estate interests and the tax assessor's esoteric and unchallenged practices. None of you deserve a free pass on this situation. Shame on all of you.

Curtis Wingert


Dogfighting is a brutal pastime

The latest news from the professional sports thugs indicts Michael Vick for dogfighting. Vick joins the ranks of LeShon Johnson and Nate Newton (dropped charges) in this "sport." Some people use the excuse that these dogs were bred to fight, and to them that makes it all good. Just a few decades ago, certain people were bred to work the cotton fields, and to some people this was all good also.

In both cases, this is just wrong. However, if these dogs were bred to fight, it would be all good to me as punishment for these people if they were made to get down on all fours and allowed to use nothing but their teeth and put them in the pit with these dogs to fight to the bitter end. I would not only pay good money to watch, I would be placing my bet on the dog.

Rick Gwin

Rock Hill