Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - July 29, 2007

Catawbas made a good choice

Congratulations to Chief Donald Rogers and to the Catawba Indian Nation in their selection of Donald as chief.

I worked with Donald for many years at the Museum of York County. He began working at the museum when he was 16 in a special program to hire minority youth. His cheerful and positive attitude won him the love and loyalty of the staff. When he left, many years later, he had worked his way up to maintenance and grounds supervisor.

Even as a youth, we recognized in Donald a depth of character and a very serious side. He is a caring person, deeply spiritual, conscientious and very honest.

Many young people in the community will remember Donald as Red Cloud, a character that he developed with the education staff for our school programs. The museum staff will remember him also for the practical jokes he loved to play on us and his infectious laugh.

The Catawbas have chosen a very good and capable man.

Ann A. Spencer

Rock Hill

Fishermen must share the lake

Somebody needs to tell the fishermen on Lake Wylie that the lake was not formed for their use. It was formed as a recreation area for pleasure boaters! Many of these fishermen evidently expect pleasure boaters to give them a wide berth. Hey, if you can't stand the wake, just get off the lake!

If there were a law against buzzing or passing close to a fisherman, then there would be water police. You get a pretty big wake when pulling a skier, so go cry on someone else's shoulder or go fish in another body of water.

I hope that pleasure boaters will just ignore these fishermen and their obscene gestures, and let them ride the waves or stay home.

C. Miller

Rock Hill

Candidate concerned about public safety

After his recent appearance, I now know there is one man running for president who, above all the other candidates, knows the importance of our country's public safety officials. That man is Rudy Giuliani.

As mayor, Rudy Giuliani was committed to the health and safety of New York's firefighters, and I believe he will be committed to all of the country's firefighters when he is elected. Under Rudy, firefighters in New York received the training and equipment they needed, like thermal-imaging cameras and life-saving personal alarms.

What also impressed me was that not only did Rudy speak at the convention, but Rudy also took the time afterward to meet with folks, signing autographs and taking pictures.

Rudy Giuliani is a leader who knows the importance of supporting the men and women who serve our country everyday as firefighters, police officers and emergency responders, and I am proud to give him my support.

Charles Airington

South Carolina fireman

Fort Lawn

Who has interests of county in mind?

Within the past month, The Herald has run op-ed's by three individuals. All three have vested self-interests in extending Dave Lyle Boulevard or in Newland's proposal to create nearly 2,800 new homes near the Catawba River. All three claim to know "what is best for York County." Who are these three? Todd Minnis represents a Texas company, which owns the Rock Hill Galleria. He asserted that the Dave Lyle extension is "key to our region's economic future." Where's the Galleria located? Enough said.

Messrs. Charles Flink and Randall Arendt hail from Raleigh-Durham and New England, respectively. They are noted professionals in land planning for conservation, especially for open space and greenways. We understand they are fine gentlemen, perhaps the best in their trade. This is all well and good. But, if Newland were successful, these men would benefit financially as subcontractors. Does this not taint their judgment about what's good for York County? We are reminded of a Secretary of Defense who formerly had served as chairman of General Motors. Charlie Wilson said, "What's good for General Motors is good for the country."

Regarding a new Catawba bridge, shouldn't city and county officials give far higher priority to a proposed bridge that would connect with Sutton Road and Interstate 77 north? What about the thousands of citizens in the northwest Rock Hill-Newport area who daily must negotiate their way toward the I-77 bridge in order to reach jobs in Fort Mill and Mecklenburg County? Shouldn't our tax dollars serve citizens and motorists where they reside now rather than to build a bridge for a community that today doesn't exist?

Messrs. Minnis, Flink and Arendt have a right to express an opinion about what's best for us in York County. Frankly, I pay a lot more attention to the opinion of local folk. And, I trust, our officials feel the same way.

Harry Dalton

Rock Hill

Thanks for paving Adnah Church Road

I wanted to thank the powers-that-be for paving Adnah Church Road. I've been riding a motorcycle to work for several years now, and I have all the potholes and bumps memorized. Only trouble is, if a Highway Patrolman was ever behind me, he would think I had been drinking.

Now it's nice and smooth, and they are presently in the progress of adding dirt and fixing up the shoulders on each side. So nice!

But, and this is a big but, why didn't the powers-that-be pave the whole road? They left about a quarter of a mile on the S.C. 5 end still in bad condition and about a half-mile on the S.C. 161 end unpaved. Did they run out of money? Both areas are in bad and bumpy condition. Do I need to break into my penny collection to pay for this myself? Is something else happening that we don't know about?

Just wondering, but still wanted to say thank you for what you did pave. Now, I need to find out what you have up your sleeve about the end of Eastview Road where it joins S.C. 322.

Next time!

David E. Youmans

Rock Hill