Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - August 4, 2007

Pictures in ad were offensive to readers

When I opened my copy of Monday's Herald, I was shocked and infuriated by the ad insert that fell out! It was an ad for Miracle Ear and had a date of June 2006 on it. This ad included, on both sides, pictures of young women clad in very revealing bikinis, posing in very provocative positions.

At first glance, one woman appears to be nude, her bikini virtually invisible. Headings under the pictures read: "Bikini Sale -- Buy Two Get 866" (what in the world does this mean?), and "Lose Weight Fast." Neither picture was accompanied by a phone number or address; therefore, they couldn't have been ads to sell bikinis or weight-loss programs. This ad insert was blatant, in-your-face pornography brought to my home without my knowledge or approval. I thank God that there are no young children or teenagers in my home who could have picked up the newspaper only to find this ad staring them in the face! Those images could remain in someone's memory for the rest of their life.

I am sickened by The Herald's bad choice of allowing such trash to be used as an advertising insert. I feel violated and insulted by such a despicable intrusion of this pornography into my home! How dare you, Herald, accept payment for subscriptions to your newspaper and assume that our readers would appreciate such an outrageous ad?

You were already treading on moral boundaries in my view. You now have gone beyond those boundaries. Therefore, I am canceling my subscription to The Herald immediately. I hope that others who received this ad will do likewise in protest of the irresponsible, horrible choice that you made in allowing such an ad to be included in the delivery of your newspaper into our homes without our control or consent to receive such trash.

I am also appalled and disappointed with Miracle Ear, which I thought was a reputable business, for allowing their paid advertisement to include pornography.

Shame on you, Herald! Shame on you, Miracle Ear! I pray that both of you have lost the respect of all readers who object to your decision to include this piece of pornography in Monday's issue of The Herald. I hope these readers feel the same outrage that I feel and take action by ending their subscriptions to The Herald and by not choosing Miracle Ear when hearing devices are needed.

You owe your readers a tremendous apology for your irresponsible choice of allowing this ad to accompany your newspaper. I am truly ashamed of my hometown newspaper!

J. Lowman

Rock Hill

Sunday alcohol sales will bring more DUIs

This missive is a rejoinder in general, specifically to Mr. Simpson ("Give People a choice on Sunday") and Mr. Chisolm ("Beware, things can get worse" ). Choice, being what it is, is always present. Ignorance of or lack of suitability therein are personal issues best remedied by you, not us.

Choice and the choices we make usually do cause things to get worse, especially when we have our carts before the horse! According to a study published in this paper relating to traffic accidents and fatalities in after repeal of blue laws, we would choosing to vote for 31 percent more DUI incidents, including fatalities, maiming and the like.

Take heed, York County, the vote cast for this measure is being gained by false pretense, for the enrichment of few and the shame of us all. Doing what is right is never popular; nevertheless, we must find the fortitude and dignity to do it anyway!

Vote no. The life you save may be yours.

John Cooley

Lake Wylie