Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - August 5, 2007

The danger of leaving Iraq

The Democrats, led by Pelosi, Reid, Murtha, Clinton, Obama and Edwards, are acting like brain-dead wimps. They tell us the war in Iraq has been lost and insist that President Bush "redeploy" the troops. In truth, they are demanding our surrender -- surrender to an enemy so barbaric that it beheads its captives, an enemy whose religion demands they kill the "infidels," an enemy determined to destroy our country and all things American. The Democrats should be demanding victory instead of surrender. Certainly, freedom is worth fighting for.

Surrender will not end the war! These religious fanatics are not going to turn their swords into plowshares. So what is most likely to happen?

For starters, the terrorists will celebrate their victory. They will dance in the streets as they did on 9-11 when the World Trade Center came down and 3,000 innocent Americans died. They will raise their fists and shout that they have defeated the army of the great Satan, the "invincible" army with its smart bombs, indestructible tanks and supersonic jets -- and then they will burn the American flag. They will brag that the American Marines ran from them like dogs with their tails between their legs. Finally, free from the pressure of America's military, they will regroup and form an even stronger, more deadly force, one intent on bringing their savage brand of death and destruction to America.

Iraq will become a Muslim theocracy governed by Sharia law, and millions of Iraqis will be tortured and slaughtered. The country will be turned into a huge safe haven for radical Islamic terrorists -- a place where al-Qaida will reopen their training camps and prepare for even more deadly onslaughts on the "infidels" in America. Their suicide bombers will be trained to slip through our borders unnoticed in the dark of night with the sole purpose of killing Americans in buses, subways and restaurants. They will explode their IEDs in packed football stadiums and crowded theaters. Deadly smallpox epidemics will start in cities such as Charlotte, Atlanta, Chicago and Dallas, and hundreds of mail pickup boxes across the country will be contaminated with deadly anthrax, quickly spreading the disease across the country and bringing our U.S. Postal Service to its knees.

But it won't stop there. The godfather of Iraqi terrorists, Iranian President Ahmadinejad, will expedite Iran's nuclear weapons program, realizing that with a Democratically-controlled Congress, American military intervention is no longer a threat. He will view the oil fields of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Oman and others as ripe plums on a low limb, and will control or seize them through intimidation or conquest. With more than half of the world's oil reserves under his control, Ahmadinejad will have a weapon far more powerful than his newly developed nuclear weapons. With this new-found economic power, he will control the world's life-blood: oil. Ahmadinejad will manipulate both its price and supply. The country will step back into the Carter days of the 1970s, but this time it will be 100 times worse. Our economy will literally be in his hands!

America cannot survive under these conditions. The Democrats will be left with only one option -- send the troops back to the Middle East to face an even more powerful and dangerous enemy, and hope the oil wells are not destroyed before we get there.

John Cauthen

Van Wyck

Road work will be completed

On July 29, you published a letter from David Youmans that I would like to respond to, including his valid questions concerning the completion of Adnah Church Road to S.C. 5 and S.C. 161/274.

The state did not complete those sections, in that these will be totally reworked and improved for safety via our "Pennies for Progress" program. I am working, along with my fellow council members, to complete these sections as soon as possible.

These two terminuses of Adnah Church road were part of the public hearings prior to the citizens of York County voting on the entire package and are part of the total bond issue.

Roy Blake

York County Council

District 4 Representative

Good Samaritan made visitors feel welcome

The Girls Fastpitch National Softball Association World Series may be over, but there remains in Fort Mill a special person our family and our girls fastpitch team will not forget, Nancy Johnson.

Our softball team from Michigan qualified to play in the World Series, and we packed the car and drove to South Carolina. Unfortunately, we ended up along Interstate 77 with a flat tire. Nancy Johnson saw a mother and her 13-year-old daughter in a softball uniform standing in the grass along the highway. Nancy passed our car on I-77, got off on the next exit, backtracked onto I-77 again, and pulled her vehicle behind us, offering assistance.

It was obvious we were tourists, here to play in the World Series, as our vehicle windows were painted with team logos and spirited writings. After talking, we discovered Nancy also played fastpitch in school and wanted to make sure our daughter didn't miss her World Series game, offering to do whatever she could to help.

Hundreds of people drove by us that day, and one person, Nancy Johnson, took the time out of her day to offer assistance. For a tourist from Michigan, Nancy left a wonderful impression of the kindness of strangers. Nancy even showed up the next day with her family to watch us play!

Our team finished in the top 10 of more than 80 teams that week, giving our daughter a wonderful softball experience. However, the other lesson she learned that week was about the kindness of others.

Thank you, Nancy Johnson!

Leanne and Kelsey Zsido

Compuware Softball Team

Detroit, Mich.