Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - August 9, 2007

Politicians can't create jobs

Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and the other economic dingbat candidates who promise to "create jobs if elected" haven't a clue as to the fact that government cannot create jobs; it can only create more outlets for government handouts from taxpayers.

("From each according to his ability to each according to his need." Karl Marx)

The only people who can and do "create jobs" are profit-making, private citizen entrepreneurs. The taxes from that profit pays for everything that the government takes credit for, not some bunch of wealthy, power-hungry politicians and bureaucrats in government.

Most people enter politics with good intentions, but after getting elected, the only thing the intend to do is to get re-elected, and they will stoop to any means to get re-elected, even lying to people about giving them free medical care from cradle to grave. We used to call that socialized medicine when we were an intelligent people.

It seems that Ron Paul is the best candidate from either of the entrenched parties, but I hope for a John Galt-type candidate from the Libertarian Party. That's the best thing that could happen in our country at this time. But it won't happen because too many voters are getting government handouts. They prefer handouts over individual liberty and habit over thought.

Charles Blackwell