Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - August 10, 2007

Boaters need to follow the law

I am writing in response to "Fishermen must share the lake" in your "Voice of the People" letters section.

I have fished Lake Wylie many years and have seen countless recreational boaters, including fishermen, do many stupid and unsafe things. Sadly, there have been many incidents on Lake Wylie in recent years that have resulted in serious injuries and death, and all could have been avoided had the persons involved followed the laws that exist to cover boaters.

The ignorance of the boating public concerning the operation of watercraft on state waterways is understandable. All it takes to operate a boat in South Carolina is enough money to buy the boat or good enough credit to finance it. Sadly, at this point, no boating safety course is required in South Carolina.

This ignorance of the law was never more clearly stated than it was by C. Miller in The Herald. The "water police" do exist, and on Lake Wylie they are in the form of five different police departments that have jurisdiction over the lake. Yes, they have badges, guns, blue lights, handcuffs, and they will take you to jail.

As for "... if there were a law against buzzing or passing close to fisherman," there are laws that govern that, and you can read up on them in the state's General Statutes under Section 50-21-111. It probably would behoove most boaters to take the time to read up on these laws before the "water police" educate them in the form of a $125 ticket.

Be safe out there.

Dieter Melhorn


What happened to courtesy on the lake?

I would like to respond to C. Miller concerning his inane letter about boating on Lake Wylie.

Where did he get his information? Did he get it from "Boating for Dummies" or just make it up on his own? He informs us that the lake was formed for the recreation of pleasure boaters. I guess the dam and power plant were just an afterthought.

As if the above is not stupid enough, he advises other boaters to continue the "buzzing" (passing close) of fishermen, and leaving a big wake as just additional fun that others must endure or leave the lake. He is also mistaken about "water police" being non-existent. They are there but so far have not been seen enforcing many of the codes of conduct on the water, such as being responsible for your own wake.

It is the attitude of people like C. Miller that makes them deserving of much more than just an "obscene gesture."

W. Bates

Fort Mill

Copy of insert hard to locate

I would like to respond to the letter from J. Lowman concerning the controversy created in his home over the risqué ad insert he found in his recent issue of The Herald. Actually, he referred to it as pornography.

I searched all through my last 10 days of newspapers and could not find this insert. I think I would have remembered at least the photo of the "apparently" nude female if not the provocatively posed ones in bikinis.

I would like The Herald to forward me a copy of this ad so that I can see just what all the fuss is about. Nothing more, I promise.

I have heard that you can be struck blind by looking at this type of material, but I am willing to risk one eye.

Bill Vannordstrand

Rock Hill

Let's discriminate against criminals

Once again the media (The Herald) has told another complete untruth. There is no increase in discrimination toward immigrants. Illegal aliens are not immigrants, they are criminals. Huge difference. Americans welcome immigrants with open arms.

Kevin Graham

Tega Cay