Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - August 11, 2007

Be prepared for nuclear attack

I'd like to praise John Cauthen on his article in the Aug. 5 Herald. Glad there are other people who are like me who are more aware than our politicians.

I've warned our congressman and senators that since so-called energy nations now have possession of nuclear power, we must start building bomb shelters across our country. Some entrepreneur engineer should design a package deal with no cost to the government. But instead of patios, decks, etc., each family should take the responsibility.

We can't take the chance of being caught unprepared like when Katrina hit, collapsing bridges, etc. We are facing nations that want to destroy our way of life. We can't keep our heads buried. The time is now!

Alfred Boltin

Fort Mill

We don't eat that many cows

Regarding the recent commentary, "Petting dogs and eating cows," by Crispin Sartwell: I guess this writer was trying to make a point; however, unless you eat a lot of bologna or hot dogs, we generally do not eat cows. Cows are bred to produce calves and milk. They are seldom used for beef.

Don Miller

Rock Hill

City should follow its own regulations

Driving home on the night of Aug. 2, I heard the news reports of the city's water pump failure and the resultant usage restrictions. Arriving home, I informed my wife and kids of the troubles and subsequently refrained from watering my wilting plants, pots and hanging baskets.

I was interested to learn from a follow-up article that the city was disappointed, as few customers appeared to be paying attention to the restrictions. My observations are that the city itself is part of this group.

While heading to my office on the morning of Aug. 3, I was surprised and disappointed to see Cherry Road wet and the miles of recently installed plants, trees and turf freshly watered. It seems that the "shut off all irrigation systems" line-item was missing from the city's Crisis Management Checklist.

Unfortunately this oversight lessened for me the severity of this problem, as I felt the city did not lead by example. That evening, my wilting plants got the water they needed.

Greg V. FitzGerald

Rock Hill

Show of respect eased the pain

Recently, I attended the funeral of a very dear man named George Eddington. We went to church together. As our pastors, Mamie and Len Mitchum, said, George had a heart as big as this world.

It was hard for me to attend a funeral because just a little over a year ago I lost my precious mother, and it still hurts just as badly today. But I want to say thank you to the Rock Hill Police Department. They escorted us all the way to the cemetery.

I also want to thank the many motorists who pulled to the side or just stopped where they were to let us pass. There were many broken hearts in our convoy, and when someone is hurting like that, it means a lot for someone else to just show respect and take a few minutes out of their busy schedules to pull over and let a funeral pass. No matter where I am, if I ever come upon a funeral procession, I always stop and show my respect. I again was reminded of just how much that means to the people saying goodbye to their loved one!

Wanda Eddins Collins

Rock Hill

Choose electable candidate in primary

In January 2008, Democratic primary voters will have to choose an inspiring leader who can win a general election against whomever the Republican Party comes up with. For me, it is clear that Barack Obama is the candidate I speak of. Not only is Sen. Obama a fresh candidate with fresh ideas on how to lead our country into the 21st century, but he also is an electable candidate.

Most national polls have him beating Giuliani and Thompson by comfortable margins, more than Clinton or Edwards. So the choice is clear: Obama '08.

Willie Lyles III

Rock Hill