Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - August 12, 2007

Guns do less harm than alcohol

Living in a state, in a country, where alcohol overwhelmingly trumps guns in the number of killed and maimed every day, every month and every year, it is time to stop the nonsense. The recent editorial in your paper regarding "high capacity" magazines was painful to read. It was sad watching the editors at The Herald struggle to connect the dots in an attempt to paint a picture that simply is not there.

As a member of the law enforcement community, I routinely investigate 25 to 35 traffic collisions per month. Some of these are fatalities. Of these, too, some are alcohol related. Yet there is no mad outcry from liberals, including those at The Herald for the ban of alcohol sales. Using the same mentality as those who spew forth the anti-gun hyperbole, why can't we at least ban "high capacity" cases of beer? You stated that you couldn't understand why a citizen would need a high-capacity magazine. What business of yours is it to understand? I don't understand why someone wouldn't want to have a weapon to protect themselves in the event they are victimized.

On the other hand, I don't understand why a citizen would need to buy more than one or two beers or a single small bottle of liquor at a time. If they insist on doing so, why can't we make purchasers of alcohol fill out the mindless forms gun purchasers are forced to? Why shouldn't they have to sign a form stating that they are not purchasing the alcohol for anyone but themselves? They also should not be able to purchase alcohol again within 30 days.

Do the research, people. Read the studies on your chance of being the victim of gun violence as opposed to being involved in an alcohol-related crash. Perhaps then everyone would not get so bent out of shape about a merchant advertising that he has guns for sale. You can drive a few miles in any direction and see many "reputable" establishments aglow with neon signs in the window advertising the alcohol they have for sale. The same establishments where parking lots are full of cars driven by patrons who drove their cars there to drink, before again driving their cars on the same roads as you.

There aren't many people around these days who remember the disaster that was Prohibition. And in a society that is woefully ignorant about history, the lesson of that period is lost. Outlawing something that society will not allow to be outlawed is futile. It simply forces those in the roles of supply and demand into the underground as criminals and increases the profits involved. If guns are banned, in whatever form, then only those willing to live outside the law will have them. Something many currently legal gun owners will be unwilling to do. Therefore, only those criminals who have guns already will have them. And we will be the lambs for their slaughter.

Dana Boulware

Rock Hill

We need strong leaders in Congress

After reading John Cauthen's recent letter, I agree with him wholeheartedly. He is absolutely right that these people are brainwashed to kill Americans and Jews. Yet, we treat them with kid gloves. If this country's leaders don't wake up and deal with this problem, we can tell our grandchildren that we hid our heads in the sand. We need strong leaders. They seem to be scared.

They have to be politically correct. I believe there is a movement by Muslims right here in this country that is just waiting for the orders to cause trouble and try to overthrow our government. We need to heed Mr. Cauthen's warning. If people would watch C-Span while Congress is in session, you will see what a weak bunch of congressmen we have.

Rembert R. Howell