Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - August 13, 2007

Tired truckers are dangerous

Thank you for your article on the 10-hour rule for long-haul trucking. I became an advocate of The Citizens for Reliable and Safe Highways and Parents Against Tired Truckers after my son and his wife were killed in Pennsylvania by the driver of an 18-wheeler who fell asleep at the wheel. It does my soul good to see that you felt this story was worthy of publishing.

I am grateful. I don't think that many people are aware how many are killed by long-haul trucks every year.

Stella Foyster


Council should look at all the options

If Capital Management and Engineering presents its plan to close Adnah Church Road at S.C. 161 in Newport to the York County Council for approval, the citizens of York County will get an exact picture of which council members recognize the difference between right and wrong.

Of several options planners have to choose from, closing Adnah Church Road at S.C. 161 is the most damaging to the two existing businesses located there. Spokesmen for Capital Management and Engineering have stated that new traffic to the future Wal-Mart in Newport is one of the reasons Adnah Church Road should be closed. It is clearly wrong to damage existing small businesses because of perceived safety issues caused by a future Wal-Mart when we are supposed to believe that intersections cause accidents. There are no statistics -- none -- that can predict an accident in the future at any intersection.

Bad drivers and careless drivers disregarding traffic laws cause accidents, and I do not believe anyone can show me a traffic ticket written to any intersection for causing an accident.

Is it right or wrong to move the Newport Fire Department further from the houses and trailers on Adnah Church Road? That is exactly what closing the road does. Fire trucks from the Newport Fire Department would have to circle the block to get to a fire on Adnah Church Road, and if a minute or two could make a difference in saving someone's house or somebody, should the fire truck be able to turn directly down Adnah Church Road or should it be forced to circle the block? Is that right or wrong?

If any council members are inclined to approve this plan, they should at least look at other options, because there are several that are less costly to taxpayers and less damaging to the existing businesses nearby.

If, as elected officials, council members decide to ignore right and wrong in their decision, existing businesses and property owners in the county should be aware that it could be done to anyone in the future if you just sit back and allow it to happen.

Tammie Alexander


Feeling hot? Cover up!

It's hot! When the weather is over 98.6 degrees, it is better to stay covered -- to keep the "cool" in -- because our body temperature is lower than the outdoor temperature -- rather than keep the "hot" out. I happen to have a "salwar kameez" I bought in India, one of those tunic-and-trousers things with a shawl. On it goes, mmm. Comfort!

I am suddenly zapped by one of those "aha" moments: If I didn't have sunscreen or moisturizer, light-colored hair or conditioner, and it was really hot, I would want to omit waistbands, nylons, collars and heavy cotton t-shirts.

I would want to cover my hair, cover my face, cover my arms and legs!

Mary Keenan

Lake Wylie

Bible verses can be timely

When we read The Bible, most of what we read has to do with the past. But, once in awhile, what was true then is apropos today. One such excerpt is in (KJV) David's Psalm VII, Lines 14 through 16 as follows:

"Behold, he travaileth with iniquity, and hath conceived mischief and brought forth falsehood. He made a pit and digged it and has fallen into the pit which he made. His mischief shall return upon his own head, and his violent dealing shall come down upon his own pate."

Charles and Ruby Krall

Rock Hill