Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - August 15, 2007

Office wasn't on Caldwell

I thoroughly enjoyed the article entitled "City looked different from the old back lots." I remember some of those lots myself. However, Dr. Macdonald's office (spelled Macdonald) was never located on Caldwell Street. His office was on East Main Street. Later, he moved to Oakland Avenue.

I should know. Dr. Macdonald was my father. I believe that Dr. Dunlap's office was on Caldwell Street.

Martha B. Macdonald

Rock Hill

Walk a mile in a soldier's shoes

I think that we should have day of recognition for what our troops, men and women, are having to endure in Iraq. Regardless of your opinion about our involvement in Iraq, we need to understand the conditions they have to put up with every day, so, here's what we do:

Wear heavy shoes, long-sleeved shirts or blouses, a jacket and a hat. Get in the car and turn the air conditioner off, because even though the Humvees have air conditioning, half the time it doesn't work. Roll up the windows.

When you get to work, remember, you can't go anywhere alone, you have to have someone to watch your back.

Carry about 20 pounds of something everywhere you go.

Eat your lunch standing up, and eat in shifts.

If you really want to feel what our men and women go through each day, when you get home, don't take a shower. A lot of the troops have a shower, but those out on patrol don't.

Just call it a day of appreciation for the sacrifices endured every day by our men and women in Iraq.

Peter McLean

Rock Hill

Where was mention of Tom Tancredo?

The Associated Press story about the Iowa Straw Poll on Aug. 12 omitted any mention of Tom Tancredo's fourth-place finish, less than 600 votes from second place. I think the media has a boycott on the mention of Tancredo's name.

His book, "In Mortal Danger," details the security risks of our open borders and is not carried by the large bookstores. Tancredo is the invisible man, and the liberal media is shoving him down an Orwellian "memory hole."

William G. Carter