Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - August 17, 2007

Technology isn't the magic bullet

I am happy to hear that our new elementary school will be a state-of-the-art facility, but as a teacher in Rock Hill, please let me remind everyone that technology is no solution to the real problems teachers and students face in our district: Overcrowded classes and disruptive students.

However much was spent on this technological upgrade and the subsequent costs of maintaining it could have been better spent on more teachers so our children could get the attention they need, not simply a high-tech gloss. In a couple of weeks, when the gimmick wears off, we'll be just where we were -- in overcrowded classrooms where the priority is on crowd control rather than learning.

If you want to help students focus and help teachers from losing their voices, then remove the disruptive students they have to yell at day after day. People in the back row wouldn't need high-tech microphones and surround sound if the classrooms weren't so overcrowded. Students learn from teachers, not microphones, not computers. Those are just tools.

If technology is the answer, let's just sit 1,000 students in front of a giant computer screen. We can fire the teachers and rehire them as custodians and security guards.

Bryan Ghent

Rock Hill