Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - August 20, 2007

Family will need a lot of counseling

In 2001, South Carolina ranked number one in the nation for women killed by domestic partners. I reflected on that after reading the article regarding Danny and Tammy Dove. The Herald stated that it is hoped that the family will be reunited under one roof after parents attend parenting classes.

I am all for individuals, families, etc. getting help and being reunited. However, I do hope that other things, such as domestic abuse counseling, psychiatric help and other needed therapy for the entire family will be completed before this family is reunited. This family lived in deplorable conditions that included gambling, drugs, decayed food, bugs and feces, children not getting the proper education, nor were they being taught everyday life lessons in the home.

Parenting classes will not solve all of these things, and this family should not be reunited until it is proven that the father, first and foremost, will not abuse again. Secondly, it should be proven that the father and mother are capable of raising their children in a clean, secure environment that includes love, affection and attention.

I truly hope that that the treatment plan for this family involves more than parenting classes. If the plan does not, someone needs to intervene and make sure the proper treatments are required of these adults and that the children receive proper counseling and armed with information so that they can and will seek help if any future incidents occur.

I pray for this family's success and hope that the Department of Social Services and our law officials do their part in getting this family the serious help that they need and take their time in evaluating whether this family should reunite. The severity of the abuse in their former home is too much to just overlook.

Melissa Whiteside


Obama offers new kind of leadership

What an exciting time it is again in politics. Finally, someone who truly is trying to do something for the people and not for the party or for themselves. Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, are doing this. Yes, but so are the other candidates, you say. But it has been a long time since this country has seen the sincerity and "kind" determination that they both show when in the public.

Obama had strong points to make at the AFL-CIO Working Families Presidential Candidates Forum. Mrs. Obama, obviously showing the same traits her husband has, met with local supporters and activists to kick off a "Women for Obama" chapter in Reno. Something I hope she would consider doing in the Charlotte area. Obama isn't just saying what the people want to hear regarding the war in Iraq or foreign policy. He believes what he is saying can be a true solution to the mishandling of those issues by the current administration. It is also being shown by the public, how much of an impression he is making on his campaign trail just from the fund-raising side.

His campaign has had contributions of over $10.3 million dollars just from online contributors, with 90 percent of all those contributions being in amounts of less than $100, with 50 percent in the amount of $25 or less. That has to say something for the man and his beliefs.

I don't think ever before have all us "little people" who make far below the average yearly income, felt strongly enough to make just that $10 or $20 dollar contribution. I hope everyone gets involved. If you don't know what Barack Obama stands for, find out. Because, in my opinion, he is truly for us and with us. It's been a long time since we've been able to support such a person and feel really good about doing that.

Get involved, there is a new, brighter future for our country's leadership. And his name is Barack Obama.

Janet A. Miller

Fort Mill

Observe rules while on the bus

Pretty soon, the big yellow school buses will again be rolling up and down our streets. As a former bus driver, I ask all parents to please talk to their children about the bus ride to and from school.

Tell them to please remain in their seats and no moving, running or playing, etc. on the bus.

The driver needs to pay attention to the road to get all children on board to school safely.

Stand on the sidewalk and do not throw paper or trash in the people's yards. Do not lean or sit on fences while waiting to catch the bus. And all drivers should slow down in school zones.

M. C. Hall

Rock Hill