Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - August 21, 2007

Guardians help protect children

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the numerous volunteers who attended the guardian ad litem training at Westminster Presbyterian Church earlier this year. Most of the 26 volunteers who finished the course are now actively involved in a case representing children.

The South Carolina guardian ad litem program is part of a national program for abused and neglected children. In South Carolina, the program is under the office of the governor and is very active throughout the state. In the 16th Judicial Circuit, consisting of York and Union counties, there are over 100 guardians representing approximately 200 children.

The guardian ad litem is the advocate for the child in the Family Court system. Once an incident of abuse or neglect has been reported to the Department of Social Services, and law enforcement has taken the child into custody, there will be an emergency hearing held by a Family Court judge. The judge will determine if an act of abuse or neglect has taken place. If it is determined that there was such an act, state law dictates the child be appointed a guardian ad litem.

Again, thanks and congratulations to the recently trained guardians from the program, your fellow guardians and especially the children you represent. Also, a special thanks to Melissa Wright, who, through her efforts at Ebinport School, was able to attract several of her peers to the training, and to Westminster Presbyterian Church for the use of its beautiful facilities.

Harvey G. Turner

Rock Hill

Coach Spurrier is a whiner

Let me see if I've got this straight. Steve Spurrier is complaining about Carolina's academic requirements for his football players even to the point of leaving the school if it doesn't succumb to his wishes?

As if the chicken curse hasn't been enough in Columbia, now it has a little dictator wanna-be . As a long-suffering Gamecock fan, I have the right to tell His Majesty, "I would rather lose with honor than win with a whiner." I guess he's tired of playing Augusta. He couldn't make it in the big league now that he's throwing a tantrum because he's not getting his way.

Someone throw this crybaby a towel or, better yet, send him back to the Sunshine State.

Drenner Tinsley

Rock Hill