Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - August 22, 2008

Veterans should call Rep. Spratt

In response to Tal Payne's recent letter about treatment of returning veterans: Have any veterans called Rep. John Spratt for help?

His office in Rock Hill is open for them any time. He helped three in Rock Hill recently.

Get someone to run against Lindsey Graham. I'll vote for him. If he is the only one on the ballot, I will leave that blank. He is a clone of George.

Don't talk bad about John Spratt if you haven't tried to get help.

Ann Clark


Be grateful for teachers' contributions

I am writing this letter in response to Danica A. Jarrett's letter about parents buying school supplies. I am an assistant at Oakdale Elementary and served on their PTO board for a number of years.

Mrs. Jarrett may not know that the $250 that the teachers receive has to last them all year. Let's break that down mathematically for a classroom of 20 students. If the teachers were to buy supplies for the whole year, he or she will be able to spend $12.50 per child. That is impossible. The teachers then spend their own money to cover some of the cost.

I think it is only fair that parents help out as much as possible for the sake of the children. If some cannot afford to do this, that's OK, the community and school will help those students. I know Oakdale is very good at not stereotyping the less fortunate students. I personally step up to the plate and help them myself.

Please be more considerate to the teachers. You have no idea what they spend out of their own pockets every year.

Instead, go to the schools and thank them for the great jobs they are doing and ask them if you can help in any way. Don't sit back and wait. The schools want you to be involved in your child's education. If you are involved, it shows in your child's grades and behavior. God bless the teachers

Angela Faulkenberry