Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - August 23, 2007

Congress needs more like Sen. Jim DeMint

I wonder why James Werrell is working for a small-town newspaper when he seems to know so much about the government and how well it works. He should be working for the New York Times, Washington Post or some other big liberal paper. Why, I believe he would do a good job helping Hillary get elected. The socialist mindset he has would help his resume a lot.

On his comments about health insurance, maybe he should take a sabbatical and visit Canada and England and see how well their health-care systems work.

Heaven forbid if he lived there and had a serious disease. I'm sure he would hurry back to the good old USA because he would have a long wait to get treatment there. It seems Mr. Werrell's main problem is with Jim DeMint or any conservative. Like most socialists, he cannot perceive the conservative way of doing things. He thinks the government should hold our hand from cradle to grave.

The honorable Jim DeMint -- and he is about the only senator I will call honorable at this time -- tries to save taxpayers' money from being thrown away on foolish earmark projects.

I would ask that Mr. Werrell and everyone watch the House and Senate on C-Span a few days and see how they spend our money. They have no regard for doing the right thing.

If we had a Congress with more men like Jim DeMint, this country would be in a lot better shape than it is. As for the SCHIP health plan, it would have been a good plan, except they had to go and make kids eligible up to age 25 and also made it apply to people with the means to pay their own way. So, I'm sure the president will veto it. And then they will come back with a sensible bill that he can approve.

Rembert Howell


Flag issue is inconsequential

There is so much going on in the world today. I would think one would concentrate on those issues as much as they do about the Confederate flag. I do not condemn anyone for what they believe in because that's between them and their God. But I do know life is short so get it together.

Where will you be hanging your flag? In heaven or hell?

Juvenia White

Fort Mill