Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - August 24, 2007

Was city watering downtown plants?

I completely understand and agree with the mandated water restrictions in York County, but I was in the downtown area this week and saw city workers watering the plants.

Of all the people, the city of Rock Hill should be setting a good example for citizens to follow. How can the city issue water use fines when they are not abiding by restrictions themselves?

April Desocio

Rock Hill

Throw the book at Michael Vick

"Michael Vick" -- just saying that name leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and a few other words come to mind, like "liar," "gambler," "murderer," "torturer" and too many others to mention. So, for anyone to imply that 18 months in prison is too high a penalty for as heinous and brutal a crime he committed is like saying we don't really care what he did to all those innocent dogs, just give him a slap on the wrist and be done with it. He showed us that he is merciless and has no respect for life.

Having heard of the hangings, electrocutions and body slammings by Vick and his co-defendants to dogs, who were either too timid to fight or lost a fight, I'm astounded that he is getting away with what some call a "sweetheart deal," meaning a jury would have given him most likely a much harsher sentence.

From Fox News I know that Vick and his cronies (who turned on him to save their worthless hides) committed cruelties on those dogs too gruesome to mention on the air.

These cowards (and we have many right in this area; dog fights are everywhere, especially right here in the South) have to be dealt with to a much harsher degree than up to now. We need judges with backbones who are not afraid to make the punishment fit the crime.

We need to let our lawmakers know how we feel about this whole situation. Until we do something about this, not much is going to change.

I believe like Gandhi, that in the treatment of animals, one can see the heart of a nation! So do we have hearts of stone?

Inge A. Smith

Rock Hill