Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - August 26, 2007

Hunters should clean up mess

All my life I've been dead against hunting, especially harmless animals such as rabbits and deer. But what I find even more appalling is when people who hunt just leave the animal's corpse there for weeks after.

Many times, I've seen the body of a deer lying beside the road somewhere and just left there for weeks. Are hunters so inconsiderate they don't even bother to think about what a stench a dead animal's body creates? It's bad enough to make you sick! If you're going to go out there and slaughter a living thing, at least have the decency to clean up after yourselves, OK?

Brian Isaac

Rock Hill

Some kind words about Democrats

I have been accused of being an apologist for some Republican politicians. It is true that I think the Democratic Party has hurt our country more than the Republicans and the majority of that hurt was caused by FDR. and his "young lions of the left" with his New Deal liberalism which is a metaphor for socialism. Two- thirds of our national budget today pays for those programs.

I want to tell every reader about one special local Democrat. one special man among men. Dan Hollis was a Democrat for all people. His only agenda was to make life better for York County citizens as well as any others.

My father worked for Mr. Dan at his laundry and dry cleaning businesses and whereever there was a "stump meeting," my dad would be there. Mr. Dan was instrumental in aiding my Mother to get a job with the Health Department at the courthouse which led to our moving to York from the Arcade Mill village in Rock Hill.

Our family took a trip to D.C. in 1941 when I was 11 years old. One visit was to the Capitol. Once inside the Rotunda, the first statue I saw was that of Will Rogers, but I blurted out, "Hey, that's Mr. Dan." It did look exactly like Mr. Dan.

The last time I saw Mr. Dan was at my father's funeral where he helped soothe my mother's grief as no one else could.

The other "good" local Democrat is John Spratt. I don't agree with everything John does or says, but I am certain his motives are pure. The reason I feel so strongly about John has to do with his wife, Jane. I am positive that she will not let him be anything other than the best he can be.

Charles Blackwell