Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - August 28, 2007

Consider rights of people first

The recent letter to the editor, "Throw the book at Michael Vick," illustrates exactly what's wrong in the current furor over dogfighting.

Just from the letter, it's plain to see that the writer was speaking from emotion rather than logic. And I think the majority of readers can agree which ought to be used by a judge.

There are literally dozens of players currently playing in the NFL who have committed far more serious crimes against people. How many times have we opened our papers to read of a player who has beaten his wife or been "involved" in a shooting outside a nightclub?

These are both crimes where the victims are people (who have actual rights), whereas in Michael Vick's case the "victims" were animals. Who should be punished more harshly? By the tone most take in regards to the case, one gets the sad impression that the "rights" of dogs are more important to them than those of people.

Tyler Huff

Rock Hill

Picturing Bush's brain

Writer and commentator James Moore is noted for tagging Karl Rove as George Bush's brain. I don't know about that idea. What I do know is when I, a visual artist, stop for a moment and think of Bush's brain, I immediately draw a blank.

Jerry Walden

Rock Hill