Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - September 2, 2007

How about self-control?

Another stroke of genius from a McClatchy newspaper. It's a bird; it's a plane; it's Gov.Co. to the rescue! Fear not, obese ones! Armed with more control and subsidies we will fight the battle of the bulge! We can pass some laws and make it a felony offense to be fat.

I can see it now, a bunch of Joe Fridays cruising the neighborhoods in black Crown Victorias in search of Public Enemy No. 1, the cream-filled doughnut. "Did you actually see Mr. Smith eat the entire box of doughnuts ma'am? Just the facts!"

The fact is that people have to want to help themselves before anyone else can. Government controls, you say? How about something called self-motivation? I believe if we could all learn to apply that a little more in our lives, we could make it without a nanny state.

Eric Armstrong


Will extension help local residents?

Where are the facts and figures that demonstrate the benefits of the Dave Lyle Boulevard extension for the people and businesses of Rock Hill? Where are the engineering and environmental studies? If this new connector goes through, won't more people head to Pineville, N.C., from the Newland development for shopping rather than to Rock Hill?

We can clearly see the benefit of this connector for Newland, but does it benefit any of us? If we encourage money to be spent on this project, what other project will not be funded?

Some of the goals of the "Pennies for Progress" campaign are to promote safety and improve the economy of an area. We want roads that make our community safe and bring business into our area.

I don't believe this Dave Lyle connector to U.S. 521 accomplishes these goals. It seems there are many concerned citizens who are following these proceedings who have a similar point of view.

Fred Karas

Rock Hill