Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - September 5, 2007

Who will pay for lost shrubs and flowers?

Limited utilities? I don't think so! When the utility companies start paying my utility bills, which I doubt, then maybe they can dictate my water and air-conditioning use.

Until then, my air will keep on making me comfortable and my water will keep watering my plants. Plants and their upkeep are costly. Maybe they would like to pay for replacements of shrubs, flowers or dying animals with no air conditioning or water.

Sharon Vinson


Job loss brought new opportunity

I am one of the textile employees who has lost a job to the overseas market. I thought my life was over in December 2001. I loved my job at Celanese, which I had ever since I graduated from high school. I never dreamed I would see the day that it would be closed and torn down. It was a heart-wrenching thing to watch.

I went back to school through the NAFTA Act, and, guess what, I went back to school at York Technical College and have the job I always wanted to do. I found that when God closes a door, he opens a door of opportunity. I never thought that at 51 years old, I could maintain an A-B average and earn a degree in medical office and assisting, but I did. It was rough going, but I made it and work with some truly incredible people at Willow Brooke Court at Park Pointe Village. God blessed me when he put me there.

Patricia Gaston

Rock Hill

School needs crossing guard

I am asking the people of Fort Mill who have children attending Riverview Elementary School to speak out for getting a crossing guard to direct traffic between Harris and Epps roads. It is a must. People are speeding down one side of the road with no regard for the school or crossing children, while traffic is tight, making it almost impossible for cars or pedestrians to turn into the school.

A crossing guard is needed both morning and afternoon. I've talked to school officials many times, but we need more complaints. Let's take a stand, please, before someone is injured or a life is lost. Thanks for helping in this matter.

Juvenia White

Fort Mill