Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - September 6, 2007

Let Michael Vick help out at animal rescue center

It is not "just a dog." It is, however, a true measure of the character of a man.

For years, Michael Vick has payrolled this type of "entertainment." Has he apologized or shown any remorse?

The sad thing is that any one of these dogs would have shown him more loyalty than the three humans "friends" he has financially supported for years.

Maybe Michael Vick should spend some time at local animal rescue pounds. His money would be put to better use, and it may even rehabilitate his image.

Jodi Johnston

Fort Mill

Hunter safety should be taught in schools

A recent letter blamed hunters for all the dead deer on the roads that are killed by cars, etc. The road kill is almost as high as the hunters' kill. No hunter wants to shoot and not get his kill. The worst thing a hunter can do is not to get his kill, not find it and leave it for dead. This letter writer needs to do his homework before he passes the blame.

Also, the state plants clover in the middle of the interstate, the top feed for deer. Our leaders are so hungry for taxes they let developers rape the land for projects. Our York County leaders just sold 350 acres given by the McColl and Spratt families for houses, not for open land for wildlife as was intended. Where are the deer to go?

I also blame the school board for not teaching hunter safety as do many districts. They, too, are stupid to the fact. I've always said the schools need a common-sense class, required to take. The problem would be finding a teacher -- probably needs to be a redneck with no college, just the street of hard knocks.

Charlie E. Fox

Rock Hill

Crosswalks make pedestrians easy targets

Herd us into the crosswalks and we are easy targets for the motorists who fail to "Yield to Pedestrians." At least we have a chance when we jaywalk.

Ron Carter

Rock Hill