Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - September 11, 2007

Downtown offices add to ambience

As a longtime office tenant of Rock Hill's Main Street, I was excited to learn of the new Firehouse Espresso Cafe's projected opening. Welcome, neighbor!

For the past 15 years, my partners and I (and other businesses like ours) have "set up shop" on Main Street. For most of us, the decision to cast our fortunes on Main Street grew out of a sense of civic pride and responsibility. Even when downtown's revitalization prospects were bleak, and as neighboring tenants came and went, we pressed on. We are gratified and relieved that the downtown revitalization effort finally seems to be gaining traction, with several new businesses arriving in recent months.

On more than one occasion, the Herald's reporting of Main Street's revitalization efforts has referred to businesses like my firm as "office tenants that do little to attract more foot traffic and ambiance" to downtown. Most recently, this derogatory comment was included in The Herald's article about the Firehouse. If the reporter had talked to our friends at Kinch's, McHale's, Old Town Bistro or Thi's on Main, he would have learned that Main Street's office tenants contribute mightily to downtown's ambiance and are some of these restaurants' most reliable and loyal patrons!

A thriving downtown needs retail and restaurants. However, it also needs businesses like ours. It's time the city of Rock Hill and The Herald gave credit where credit is due. Let's hear it for Main Street's office tenants!

W. Keith Martens

Rock Hill

Impeachment might improve government

Let's get rid of the real evil. Impeach, impeach and impeach. It is time to stop the rape of America. Wake up, America. We need to put our government back to "of the people, by the people and for the people."

Elizabeth Otto

Rock Hill