Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - September 13, 2007

City's new jaywalking regulation laughable

Concerning the City Council and traffic-meandering: Can someone please explain for me what is so dangerous about crossing the street at a corner where traffic is required to stop? Caldwell Street must be a whole lot more dangerous and busy than I imagined. I for one find the new jaywalking regulation laughable, if not in merit, then in origin.

Ron Norman

Rock Hill

Council should have gotten rid of blue law

The Rock Hill City Council should not have added another controlling law to the books, but should have used the opportunity to take the archaic blue law off of the books that prevents bars from being nearer than 300 feet to a house of worship.

What happened to the separation of church and state?

Have some churches stopped giving wine at special services? Have they taken out the verse that says "a little wine makes a happy heart"? What about the miracle of making wine out of water? I always thought that true church folk would welcome the opportunity of being close to people who they think should be saved. "Preaching to the choir" requires no effort and should not be the purpose of true preachers.

Charles Blackwell


Stop talking about the jaywalking law

Can we please stop talking about the new jaywalking law? It's a waste of ink.

I applaud the method in which the law was passed. It could've been done a little better by maybe throwing in some of those big speed bumps on Main Street to slow the numerous speeding cars. But all in all, if the so-to-speak "true motives" were brought in the forefront in getting the law passed so Hall could get his liquor license, it would have taken months to get it passed, and that's what's keeping downtown from prospering faster than a snail's pace.

There are far more important fights to fight.

Ron Mathieu

Rock Hill

Ebenezer Road flags were fitting 9-11 remembrance

I would like to take a moment to thank the businesses on Ebenezer Road. It was there that I saw the largest display of our flag in remembrance of 9-11. It is a day that will live in the hearts of our citizens forever!

As I drove down Ebenezer toward Cherry Road, I saw so many of the businesses had put flags out. Not just out, but right at the sidewalk so they would not be missed. Thank you all, and may God bless America!

Sarah Perkins