Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - September 18, 2007

Get ready to cheer for Eagles

In just a few short weeks, it will be that time of the year again. You will see the cars with their flags. You will see many homes with their flags up. The colors are garnet and gold. That's right, it will be basketball season in Rock Hill. And there is a new coach in town. His name is Randy Peele!

Now that Gregg Marshall is no longer the coach of the Winthrop Eagles, I have a few questions for Rock Hill. Do the fans stop going to the games?

Do the fans stop supporting our team? Do we stop yelling and screaming at the games? And when you do go to the games, do you just sit there twiddling your thumbs? Well, I know I can answer these questions. The answer is, no way, baby.

Rock Hill needs to get out there, scream, yell, jump in your seats, do whatever it takes to let coach Peele know we are on his side. Come on, basketball fans, let's not let the coach down. Let's get out there do what we have to do. Not just for our coach but for our team.

I would love for this season to be the best it has ever been. I know it can be. It starts with three things -- fans, our team, and a great coach.

Veronica Erwin

Rock Hill

Road becoming an eyesore

India Hook Road from S.C. 161 to Hempstead Road is slowly turning into an eyesore. Vacant buildings, tall weeds, trash, unmowed lawns, declining maintenance on a large apartment complex, and now a large parking lot for trucks, certainly are not adding to the beauty of the area.

A beautiful new facility that will house the Hospice Center, and Ebinport Elementary School can look upon this unsightly area. I believe we have stretched the limit of the zoning regulations. Too bad that another entrance to our city is so unpleasant to look upon.

Philip Keisel

Rock Hill