Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - September 20, 2007

Veterans don't get quality hospital care

I noticed that there was an article about the Veterans Administration hospital in your paper. I suspect a long-overdue inspection of the operation of the VA facilities in the state will follow.

As a veteran of 20 years in the military, I have tried to use these facilities and discovered they exist more to provide good jobs and perks to those employed there than to provide service for the veterans. I won't go into all the glitches I encountered in trying to get care there, but I would like to mention a humorous experience I had at the Dorn VA Hospital. I was sent to the fourth floor to get an EKG done. I arrived at the fourth floor and discovered seven medical techs watching the soaps on the television there in the waiting room. They scattered like a covey of quail; all had places they needed to be.

The EKG facility was deserted, so I signed in and sat down. About 30 minutes later, one of those medical techs returned and asked me if I wanted something. I thought that was real smart of him to suspect I wanted something. I told him I needed an EKG, and he told me I would have to wait. About five or 10 minutes later, here comes a tech be-bopping down the hall. The medical techs exchanged an elaborate handshake and fell into a discussion of last night's adventures. I did, eventually, get the EKG.

It's a shame our veterans have to rely on such fine facilities as this. Hopefully, something good will come of this.

John Sturgis

Rock Hill

Try to forgive Michael Vick

Hey, don't be so hard on Michael Vick, so quick to point a finger. What he did was wrong, vicious and cruel. I bet he prayed about it, asking God to forgive him before he asked everyone else. He is pitiful and has thrown himself on the mercy of the people.

Vick can't change what's already been done.

Juvenia White

Fort Mill