Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - September 21, 2007

Never forget that terrible day

I would like to thank all who attended my sixth annual 9-11 Remembrance Program at the Fort Lawn Community Center on Sept. 11. I hope you enjoyed the program as much as I enjoyed putting it on.

"Remember 9-11-01."

Richard A. Hulse

Fort Lawn

Some misunderstand the Constitution

Mike Toohey's recent letter, "Protesters executing constitutional rights," makes several excellent points with which I agree. However, the title illustrates a common misconception about the Constitution, which is a sore point for me. Nearly everybody nowadays thinks the Constitution gives citizens certain rights. Even most politicians, who ought to know better, seem to believe this.

If you examine the original document, including the first 10 amendments, you will discover that the Constitution does not "grant" any rights to citizens. Instead, it grants certain limited rights to the federal government and says that all other rights are retained by the people or by the governments of the states.

It is true that some later amendments made radical changes to this concept, and various courts, including the Supreme Court, have rendered judgments that clearly allow the government to exceed the powers granted by the Constitution. In my opinion, such amendments and judgments are unconstitutional.

I have often heard people say: "The Constitution is out of date; it doesn't work for modern times.' Nonsense! It made us the best and most free nation on Earth for 150 years; it can continue to do so if we defend it.

Arch Wakefield

Tega Cay

Bush should pay for his mistakes

We, the American people, find the unimpeachable President George W. Bush guilty of the deaths of 2 million-plus innocent Iraqi people and the total destruction of a nation.We fine him with $6.5 trillion to Americans and $7.5 trillion dollars to Iraqi people in restitution. We sentence him to the equivalent number of hours he has occupied this nation of Iraq to do community services in rebuilding of each torn down site. We further sentence him to at least two limb amputations, followed by 37 months of solitary confinement.

And if there be a true America for the people, by the people, there could be no less an order of justice placed on a man so vulgar and brutal than the one you see before you.

Linda White

Rock Hill