Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - September 22, 2007

Use weapons, not a heat ray

In response to the editorial on the military non-use of a non-lethal heat ray for riot control in Iraq, a quote from Ronald Reagan comes to mind, "There you go again."

Where in the world would you come up with the idea of using non-lethal force in a war zone?

Does no one understand anymore that the job of the military is to kill people and break things?

The military in Iraq is saddled with enough questionable "rules of engagement" without having to make people who have already stated that their mission in life is to kill us uncomfortable.

I, for one, am a whole lot less concerned with a rioting Iraqi's well-being than I am with the well-being of the soldiers that have to face them.

Let's get real here. Or do we need to change the Department of Defense to the Department of Political Correctness?

You folks bemoan the loss of our soldiers; and at the same time demand that they do their jobs with their hands tied.

I know, let's just surrender and convert to Islam.

That would fix things.

William Yeater


A better way to spend surplus

School board members, If you have any of that artificial turf money left over, our Special Education students could use buses, drivers, teachers, school rooms and equipment.

Steve Alleman

Rock Hill

Hold war planners accountable for mess

As the architects of denial and obfuscation to the reasonable and necessary requests of Congress and the Judiciary Committee step away, I am afraid that the truth of the matter will step away with them. I can only hope that there is determination to follow through with all investigations and every road of inquiry and that everyone responsible for the misadventure in Iraq and all related matters such as the post 9-11 assault on the rights of Americans are held accountable for their misdeeds.

Further, the steps taken to control the political will of the country by lies, obfuscation, abuse of the Hatch act, etc., should also be rebuffed, and accountability should be aggressively pursued.

We cannot accept that one death is murder and 300,000 to a million dead Iraqi and Afghan civilians is a foreign policy blunder to be shrugged off as "necessary." It isn't/wasn't necessary, the invasion of Iraq was not justified and those who promoted it need to be held accountable for every aspect that adversely affected the lives of everyone involved, including Americans.

The secret CIA prisons, the torture, the denial of fundamental rights offered by the Geneva Convention to enemy combatants (like Padilla) have destroyed any credibility that America has when demanding respect for human rights in general as well as fair treatment of our soldiers when in enemy hands.

Michael Long