Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - September 24, 2007

Let's look closer at educational priorities

I am extremely happy that the Rock Hill school district has a surplus of $2.5 million to $3 million. However, I am not so happy that they are going to use it to put artificial turf in District Three stadium.

Let's see, that stadium is used by a small percentage of the students in Rock Hill school district and only used maybe four months out of the year.

I was so happy to hear about the surplus since I work in exceptional education for the district and have been told all year that there is no money in our budget.

We cannot buy test kits to test the children that may need special help; we cannot buy equipment for the physical impaired students; we cannot buy supplies for our teachers; we cannot buy wipes, rubber gloves or any other items that are extremely necessary.

Regular education teachers are spending their own money for supplies since there is no money. Parents are asked to donate supplies since there is no money in the budget. Phoenix has been named as our "virtual school," however there is not enough money to buy enough computers to make this happen.

I am so glad graduates will see their name in lights. Does this also apply to our students who receive an occupational diploma or a certificate of completion? Maybe since we cannot afford to buy large print for our visually impaired, we can take a field trip each day and have their assignment show on the big screen so they can read it.

At the big back to school rally, pins were given out to every employee saying "Imagine." I can only imagine how many supplies could have been bought with the money spent for the buttons that I have yet to see anyone wear. I have been in education for over 30 years and have always been told the lie that "the money is in a different pot." That is ridiculous! Anyone who has worked with budgets, grants or any kind of money knows all it takes is an amendment to move money.

Where did this surplus come from? I would bet some of it came from exceptional education students who bring in the most money, but it is always taken for some other endeavor.

The Individual with Disabilities Education Act money is having to pay salaries for special education teachers, which it is not intended to do, since there is no money in the budget. Let's get back to teaching students who will know how to read when they graduate and may be able to lead productive lives.

The ones playing football may be entertaining, but if they cannot read or hold down a worthwhile job, then the board of education is sadly lacking in their responsibilities. We are supposed to be here for all the students, not just a small percentage.

By the way, I am retiring the middle of October, and that is why I have the nerve to write this. Those who need to stay employed are very careful of what they say, as there is always repercussions when you speak out against the hand that feeds you.

Evelyn Dornbush

Rock Hill

We have problems in 'River City'

"Yes folks, we've got a problem, big problem, in River City"... Washington, D.C., that is. The City on the Potomac, on Capital Hill, especially in Congress, more precisely in the United States Senate. Some in that formerly august body have been there so long they're like barnacles on a termite-infested scow adrift in the backwaters of ancient history.

These dissidents of disaster, entrenched on the public payroll, waste taxpayer dollars by using themselves clogging the wheels of government -- the very boss they were elected to serve in the best interests of the country, and all of we, the people, in it!

"Vote 'em out of office," is the frustrated, hapless cry of had-enough citizens. Ballot-box shenanigans and all possible tricks in the political game of thimblerig, assure that the seats of the almightier-than-thou are protected 'til death do them part, or they're forced out by infirmity.

This reward of democracy, destined to failure by loophole lawyers, lends credence to the timeworn adage: "A beggar on horseback... rides to hell every time." The big-picture problem, however, is that these "beggar's" are hell-bent to take we, the people, with them on their nefarious, one-way ride.

Folks, I for one, don't want to go on that ride! With the help of providence and serious-thinking responsible citizens: Hell no, we won't go....staying the course on freedom must prevail!

Lou Page

Rock Hill