Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - September 29, 2007

Seniors need reliable transit

My husband and I have not been in this area long (25 years ago, we lived in Charlotte) but it is simply amazing to me the lack of caring shown for needs of the elderly. I have yet to hear from Mayor Powers about some concerns voiced to him about lack of transportation in York County. There is, apparently, in the Rock Hill area, and Tega Cay is looking out for seniors in that area, but it seems zilch is being done for residents in the upper part of the county.

Some, I learned recently, cannot get out to get their own groceries and have to be dependent on neighbors and any family who might be around. The only group that has shown any sort of concern is the Morningstar group and the senior group meeting in the Unity Presbyterian Church in Fort Mill. Expensive new schools can be built and concerns voiced over where a football stadium should be placed, but what about converting a school bus, at least, and letting it be known to all the elderly in various parts of the county to give advance notice and for a reasonable sum they will be transported to where they might need to go, be it a hospital in Charlotte, the airport, or wherever? This was done in a rural part of Maryland where we last lived.

The other matter seniors face in this area is a lack of reasonably priced housing. Many cannot afford a huge entry fee for assisted living and yearn for congregate, reasonably priced rental units without the extra amenities and prices tossed "into the pot." When the rest of you reach our ages and have had financial setbacks, you may "come to" on the subject!

Miriam L. Gordon

Fort Mill

York needs more school buses

I am having a lot of problems with the York School buses. They really need to do something about this. They're either late or don't come at all. Recently, the bus stopped and told my son that he needed to find alternate transportation because the bus was full. There was no room for him.

What I want to know is just where is my tax money going and why the buses so full that my child cannot get to school. Can they not hire more bus drivers? Something needs to be done!!

Linda Carreras


Dollar coins could prevent disaster

How little do you actually understand about the United States monetary system to have written such a biased editorial about the new dollar coin? It is in everyone's best interest to use coins over notes, as every dollar in circulation in coin form is one dollar less Congress can borrow from the Federal Reserve, a private banking corporation, not a branch of the government as so many wrongly assume.

I do not wish to become a poster boy for Ron Paul by any means, as I think he is not 100 percent correct on the facts of many issues he speaks on, but has the right idea to get out from under the grip of our oppressors, the Federal Reserve Bank, a private bank owned by the member banks, a private bank that issues currency in the name of the United States of America, but only what Congress borrows is issued for the rest of us to use.

For every $1 collected, or backed, the Fed injects $9 into the economy, further eroding the value of the dollars already in the economy, hence that is the real inflation, not the cost of goods and services rising, but the float of dollars in the money supply increasing. Everyone using paper notes is encouraging this behavior, when simply refusing to use their notes and demanding instead currency minted/printed by the U.S. Treasury can break the back of these unscrupulous bankers who've created the biggest scam on the American public in the history of our country.

I, for one, am all for a viable competitor to Federal Reserve Notes and applaud Congress in any/every attempt to break the addiction Americans have of this horrid drug by releasing coin into the economy. It might also be refreshing to see some of the states use their rights granted under the Constitution and mint gold and silver coinage to compete as well. I am not in the camp that feels we should return to a gold standard, but the current fiat currency we have in the United States is a disaster just waiting to happen.

Tim Flavin

Rock Hill

Michael Vick is pitiful

In response to Ms. White's letter "Don't be so hard on Michael Vick": Pitiful is defined two ways, 1) arousing or deserving pity or compassion or 2) arousing or deserving contempt or derision. I'll go with No. 2 on this one, in agreement with Ms. White on the fact that Vick is pitiful.

Linda Stewart


Terrorists aren't soldiers

I would like to inform Michael Long that the Geneva Conventions were developed for fighting wars, not for fighting terrorists. Now, I don't condone torture, but captured terrorists are not soldiers, they are insane criminals. (Note: no torture allowed.) They, therefore, don't have the same rights as soldiers or common criminals. These people purposefully target innocent civilians, most often their purported allies. Soldiers try, but don't always succeed, to target other soldiers. Do you understand the difference now?

Hugh Haynsworth IV

Rock Hill