Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - September 30, 2007

Army specialist deserves honor

I would like to offer my opinion on the controversy regarding the placement of U.S. Army Specialist Zandra Worthy-Walker's name on the Chester County War Memorial. I am really confused as to why this should even be an issue. I am sure that my fellow comrades-in-arms who make these decisions are following established guidelines. However, this may be one of those times that we need to step back and see if a departure from "standard operating procedure" might be the proper course to follow.

I am fortunate that I have had the opportunity to honor Spclst. Logan Tinsley and Spclst. Walker and their families as my Patriot Guards stood for them at their respective funerals and burials this year. Both of these soldiers had current and past connections to Chester, and both gave their young lives for our benefit.

I think if Spclst. Tinsley could add his voice to this debate, he would concur that the addition of Spclst. Walker's name should appear next to his with the honor that needs to be shown. Please reconsider this decision.

Dave Jordan

United States Army Special Forces (Retired)

Rock Hill

Put district surplus to better use

It appears that the Rock Hill school board has been learning some of its spending habits from Charlotte. The field at District 3 Stadium is fine. This is high school, and these kids will have to adjust to the turf.

We need an artificial turf playing field in Rock Hill as much as Charlotte needs a light-rail system. There are so many other things that this money could be used for, such as desks, textbooks and other educational items, and not athletic items.

I understand that athletics are an important part of high school, but kids are in school to learn first and compete in athletics is second. The money that is going to be spent on turf should be used for educational resources.

The school board needs to look out for the education of the students and not just the athletes.

Matt Smith

Rock Hill