Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - October 3, 2007

Eddleman was inspired mentor

According to Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm." When I read that quote for the first time, all I could think was, "Wow, 'enthusiasm' is a big word." So, I immediately went to Merriam-Webster to see what it was about this word that made it so powerful. I found that the word enthusiasm comes from the Greek word enthousiasmos, which means inspired from God. When I think back on the life of Dave Eddleman, the first word that comes to mind is enthusiasm.

Growing up in Rock Hill and participating in our various sports programs, I was fortunate enough to have my life touched by two great coaches, Lindberg Moody and Dave Eddleman. The lessons learned from these two men still influence my life. They each gave their kids a piece of themselves to take with them.

Coach Moody and Dave are no longer with us, but their influence on the hundreds of lives they touched will always be a vital part of the fabric that makes up this town.

Dave Eddleman coached youth sports in Rock Hill for 32 years, mostly baseball and football. He did this while swinging shifts at Hoescht-Celanese Corp. Dave never had a dog in the fight, but then again, he always had a dog in the fight -- we were all his boys. Dave was everything a youth coach should be. He had a strong knowledge for the fundamentals of the game. When you played well, he cheered. When you made a mistake, he corrected you. Either way, at the end of the day, he would pat you on the back and encourage you.

I know it's a difficult task, any time you try to select members to any type of Hall of Fame. But the York County Sports Hall of Fame will never be complete without the induction of Dave Eddleman. So many times we look at the accomplishments of athletes during their playing careers and overlook at what it took to get them there. For every star athlete, every great coach, there is a Dave Eddleman out there who took the time to teach them how to throw a ball, how to catch a ball. They all have someone in their lives who took the time at some park like Oakwood Acres to explain to them how they were supposed to play the game. It's time we recognize one of these people, the best of them.

Dave is survived by his wife, Roxie, three beautiful daughters, five grandchildren, six great-grandchildren and hundreds if not thousands of sons who were lucky enough to have him as their mentor.

Enthusiasm: Dave Eddleman was truly an inspiration from God.

Donnie Moore

Rock Hill

Sikhs should remove turbans

A request to our Sikh citizens and visitors: Please do not complain to our government nor airport security for travel inconveniences. Complain to the Mus- lims, and act against those responsible.

The day before the article describing Gurpreet Singh Tuteia's unfortunate experience appeared in our Herald, we mourned the death of some 3,000 innocent people of several nations and honored those of ours who helped in the recovery of the wounded. Some rescuers died, suffered and are suffering because of their efforts.

We in the United States are part of a seven or more thousand years of religious history that holds human beings important. Yes, we have edifices, books, garb, etc., we consider holy, but holy humans, made in God's image are sacred. Sacred to us because life is to him. Most buildings, books, other insignia of our faith may be replaced, replicated, often at great expense, but a person is irreplaceable.

I feel for you, the hosts of other fellow Americans, other nationals who are delayed. But among those 3,000 who died were also many innocent passengers in the planes used in those black acts. If you feel we value your turban less than you, please forgive us. We value you. We'd rather neither you nor any persons die in another such dastardly onslaught.

Please direct our complaints toward those responsible, put up with delays and do all you can to help us prevent another such travesty of the freedoms granted by our nation to all.

Gardner Koch

Rock Hill