Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - October 4, 2007

Parent objects to 'cultural' event

I'm a parent of a Winthrop University student. Winthrop requires students to attend "cultural events" (this is a graduation requirement). Imagine my surprise when my child told me this week is gay-lesbian week, and they will receive credit for attending a gay rally and a gay wedding, at which there will be free wedding cake served to the students attending.

This is just another example of our liberal colleges trying to brainwash students. Parents pay the tuition for an education, not for this junk. Gays and lesbians have the right to rally and stage weddings but the college does not have the right to give credit or encourage students to attend these events.

Pamela Boswell

New London, N.C.

Hate-crime bill is much needed

I just wanted to say that I applaud the U.S. Senate for passing the Matthew Shepard Act on a recent vote. This is great news and well overdue! The act makes it tough on those who commit senseless and barbaric hate crimes. This is a much-needed law, and I support the Senate's bipartisan vote to pass it. I hope that President Bush does not veto this legislation as he has threatened to do.

Robert J. Daly

Fort Mill

Clerk's firing raises many questions

The glaring local headline, "Great Falls Town Council fires clerk," really piques the interest, and one is left hoping that this is not the end of the story.

What a great opportunity for some truly investigative reporting on the part of The Herald. There are so many unanswered questions. If the firing is performance-related after 13 years service along with promotions, do the annual performance appraisals reflect that? Is the law concerning the calling of council meetings so complex that it requires equally complex ways to find out?

When a council member says, "... we weren't having no meeting" and "... we didn't make no decisions," does he really mean that? Is he hedging his bets, or is he just ignorant of the double negative? Why does it require half the town council to ask the clerk to arrange a meeting? What was the subject of the meeting that never was? Do we get to hear the opinions of the council members who voted against the firing? Does Julie Blackwell have a lawyer? Can she afford one? Is there a lawyer in South Carolina who would take this on for free?

Yes, I can visualize many more intriguing headlines to come if The Herald takes up the challenge. Of course, the good people of Great Falls, who must still be smarting from legal fees previously incurred by their council, could nip the story in the bud by making their voices heard. That in itself would be worthy of a headline.

Mike Taylor

Rock Hill

Some don't observe right of free speech

One of your recent editorials was devoted to praising Columbia University and its president for inviting Iranian President Ahmadinejad to speak. It didn't matter to Columbia or The Herald that Ahmadinejad is a terrorist, ignores U.N. sanctions against him and his country for developing nuclear capabilities, has threatened to eradicate the state of Israel, allows his country to train terrorists and provides weapons used in fighting and killing American soldiers. The only thing that mattered is that Columbia, in the guise of free speech, provided a forum for this perpetrator of human rights abuses and violence to show the Muslim world how he, once again, stood up against the United States.

Too bad that Columbia and its president didn't provide the same courtesy and attention to two Minutemen a few months ago. All the Minutemen are responsible for is protecting our Southern borders against illegal entry. When these men tried to give their speech, the students in the room erupted, drowned them out and even tried to attack them on stage. All this while the campus police and President Bollinger looked on without trying to control these students. So much for free speech; to these people, free speech doesn't apply to anyone with a conservative point of view.

The sad thing is that the same thing is taking place at colleges all around the country. When conservatives are invited to speak, there seems to be a small band of radicals who refuse to let their words be heard. These malcontents don't get the fact that every right we/they have, guaranteed by the Constitution, is backed up by those they seem to despise -- our military.

Royce Thrift

Tega Cay