Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - October 10, 2007

Old stadium could fall down

Every time I pass the District 3 Stadium, I have to think when it will fall down. There are only two cross braces. It's getting old. It has no side supports. Now that new turf and signs have been approved with my tax dollars, someday the school board will be sorry this was not fixed first.

The downtown parking deck has fallen down. Other concrete structures have fallen down. Would the school board show proof that the stands won't fall?

Charlie E. Fox

Rock Hill

Higher priorities than new turf

The decision of the Rock Hill school board to approve new artificial turf and a scoreboard for the District 3 Stadium flies in the face of quite a few taxpaying citizens and students who actually don't play football. As a past student of the original Rock Hill High School, I was a member of the marching band, which was required to play at most games. The field was never a problem for either the ball players or the band. Surely the members of both groups are at least as adept for various weather conditions as we were in past years.

We all are acutely aware of the "dumbing down" process that continues to take place in our community and the nation compared to other cultures. At some point, if we do nothing but allow our bureaucrats to continue "the bloat" process, then we are our own worst enemy. The uneducated, close minded, myopic individual is and will be the worst terrorist we will ever face, and we can only blame ourselves.

Betty Every

Rock Hill

School rezoning is hard on family

My husband and I are the grandparents of a 13-year-old Castle Heights Middle School student. Last year, we sold our home in Pineville, N.C., to get her out of the school system there. We are her guardians, so we are responsible for her best interest.

In choosing where to move, we only looked for housing in the Rock Hill High School district because we already had two grandchildren going there and we knew it was a good school. The rezoning will send her to Northwestern. We are too old to sell and move again. why do you have to keep doing this? She is in the Rock Hill High marching band, and her grades have improved so much she will be taking the PSAT test this year. Please leave the zoning alone. Thank you.

Peggy Robertson

Rock Hill

Keep children safe from dogs

I would like our community to know that a child's safety is less important to Chester County than hog and dog training. They spent the time and money to put animals down that were involved in that activity. But when it came to a little boy getting attacked by a pit bull in his face, this dog is considered not to be dangerous to the community and the kids. And if the dog comes back, he will run free around other kids. Isn't this just a good service that Chester County gives its taxpayers?

Elizabeth A. Arthur

Fort Lawn

Education should come first

I fully agree with the comments submitted by Matt Smith in his recent letter.

I am 64 years old and a homeowner, so I get to contribute a tidy sum to the local school budget annually. I have never had a child in a South Carolina school and am not particularly overjoyed when I see how much of my tax obligation goes to the school system. I am even less excited when I learn that it is being used for frivolous things like artificial turf. It is further compounded when I hear about the lack of classrooms, desks, etc.

It would be nice if the county could come up with a more equitable way to distribute the burden of financing our schools so my outrage could be reduced proportionally to the money put back in my pocket. However, I don't see that happening in my lifetime, so, as a forced participant, I feel I have the right to expect the school board to make good sound decisions in apply the money -- surplus or otherwise.

I agree with Mr. Smith that sports have been a part of our school system for many years and hopefully will continue to be. However, given the financial conditions that exist today around the country, a lot of people have to decide what is essential and what is not and act accordingly with their finances. The school board needs to remember that it not their money they are spending and keep the essential items in focus and act accordingly. The key word here is "education" and not sports or sports facilities.

Dick Poston