Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - October 14, 2007

Don't shove lifestyle in our faces

I am the child of the mother who wrote this letter to the editor about events on the Winthrop University campus during the gay awareness week. First and foremost, no, I am not a senior and I have attended plenty of cultural events. So, I do not have to attend these events because I am lacking credits or getting ready to graduate.

Second, the umbilical cord has been cut and I do make my own decisions and have my own opinions about things. I think my mother has made a few good points in her argument.

I am very culturally aware of the gay and lesbian population. My uncle, who was gay, died of AIDS due to his homosexual lifestyle. I also have a second cousin who is gay. I don't feel like it is necessary to support homosexuality events to make me more culturally aware. I have nothing against the homosexual population.

However, I do have a problem when they want to shove it in everyone's faces that they are gay, like it is important for everyone to know. What they want to do behind closed doors is their business, and I do not need to know about it. Especially when it is offensive to others.

I do wish everyone would stop trying to shove their lifestyle choices in people's faces. As my mother said, it is like colleges are trying to brainwash students into believing it is OK to be gay.

If you think it is OK, then that is fine, but others don't agree with it. I have my opinions of homosexuality and they aren't going to change because of attending a cultural event about the topic. Why not leave cultural events to learn about races, religion and war? Leave the lifestyle choices out of it. A person's choice of lifestyle has nothing to do with a person's culture.

Being heterosexual does not define "who I am." My ancestors, religion, community I was raised in, my family, my education and my dreams define me. I think we all need to rethink what being "culturally aware" really means!

Lindsay Boswell

Pineville, N.C.

Two votes for Pender

My dog, Mojo, dragged me over to The Herald and pawed a story, "Strip-club manager seeks to unseat Pender in Ward 2 race." The story was very confusing to Mojo. First of all, he wanted to know what a strip-club was. He wanted to know if that meant a place where he had to take off his bandanna. It was all rather embarassing, since Mojo was "operated on" early in his life. Up until now, I had not had any cause to talk with him about the "birds and the bees." He frankly found it incredible, gave the canine version of that's enough, and asked me to move on to another question he had. The manager of the strip club kept talking about blue collars and white collars in describing Rock Hill. Mojo wears a green collar. I assured Mojo that Rock Hill was not any kind of collar town, but rather a place for everyone.

Finally, I shared with Mojo that Kathy Pender was a person who had shown herself worthy of being on the City Council. She is supportive of neighborhoods, responsive to consituents, articulates a healthy long-term vision for the city, and above all can be trusted as a person of integrity. Mojo said that she had his vote and that he would to do his part to make sure folks and dogs (if they are registered) vote for Kathy Pender on Tuesday.

Jim Watkins and Mojo

President Beaty Estates Neighborhood Association

Rock Hill

Take a look at Tom Tancredo

I read with interest, the article, "It's pander-monium time," in the Oct. 5 Herald.

The article referred to the many "flip-flops" made by "Republican" candidate Rudolph Giuliani who has flipped positions on abortion, amnesty for illegal aliens, gun rights and gay rights since becoming a presidential candidate.

Philosophically, Giuliani is running on the wrong party; he is a Democrat in Republican clothing. As mayor of New York City his city was a "sanctuary" for illegal aliens. He made six donations to planned parenthood, the largest suppliers of abortions in the U.S., and he sued gun-makers, so firm was his anti-Second Amendment stance. In 1997, Giuliani signed a bill creating domestic-partnership benefits for gays in New York City.

Compare Giuliani's extremely liberal record to that of the other Italian-American running for President. Real Republican Tom Tancredo, who scored A+ with the American Conservative Union. Tancredo has been in Congress for 10 years and is the chairman of the House Immigration Reform Caucus who was told by Carl Rove never to come back to the Bush White House because he wouldn't knuckle under and stop opposing the Bush-McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill. On abortion, he won't compromise. In a recent speech in New Hampshire, he said, "As your president, I will nominate pro-life, strict construcionists to the courts."

Tancredo has supported the Second Amendment right to keep and have arms, since his first day in Congress, and he supports the marriage amendment to the U.S. Constitution defining marriage as a union between a man and woman, period.

Fact is, Tancredo is too conservative and too committed for the liberal media tastes and that is why they never report on his candidacy.

Still, there are a few in Washington with morals and fortitude, and Tom Tancredo is one of them. Take a closer look at Mr. Tancredo, he's the man!

William C. Carter


Pender has real ability

Kathy Pender is a lady of charm and real ability. Take advantage of her willingness to serve us by re-electing her to the Rock Hill City Council on Tuesday.

Mary Phillips Gettys

Rock Hill