Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - October 16, 2007

Officer was treated unfairly

In reference to the recent story about the Chester officer being dismissed, in reading this article I didn't see anything about an investigation by internal affairs or SLED. Losing your job is a serious matter, and this warrants questioning.

Alexander was hired by the city of Chester twice. Obviously, she was considered a good officer. The one person who stood up for what's right had guts. Most jails have video cameras, so what happened to the tape?

There is no evidence, and none was produced in her grievance hearing, or that, too, would have made the news. What happened to administrative leaves?

Three days, then terminated -- what kind of investigation was that? Most officers get administrative leave for killing people until an investigation is done. The victim got no medical treatment, no time missed from work if he was tased. What happened to the prongs? Nobody just walks away after being tased.

There was no playing around going on, so whatever happened to that jailer was either an accident or a lie. For the officer to lose her career over a lie is an injustice. I'm sure this is not the first time a taser has been used by an officer on another person or officer.

Sounds like someone had it in for Officer Alexander. I've only heard good things about her as an officer.

Lula Samuel

Rock Hill

Column gave distorted picture

This is in reference to Andrew Dys' article, "Hopeful delivers strong message sermon-style": I don't know where Mr. Dys was on Oct. 6 at 8 p.m., but he wasn't at the same event I attended.

I wasn't aware that preachers walked and talked a certain way. Sen. Barack Obama certainly didn't "sermonize" that night, and he definitely did not proclaim the word of the Lord. What he was doing was getting a group of Americans excited about the future of our country.

I took offense at Mr. Dys' small-minded article and his stereotyping not only Sen. Obama, but also the audience. There were more than "some whites" at Northwestern High School. I'd say it was closer to 50 percent.

It was disturbing and embarrassing to read Mr. Dys' characterization of Sen. Obama, a highly educated, sophisticated and diverse man. It's this type of closed-mindedness that promotes segregation and squelches diversity. We live in the 21st century, and Mr. Obama reflects that. Unfortunately, Andrew Dys does not.

Mr. Dys' article should have been on the Opinion Page, beause that's exactly what it consisted of -- his perceptions and opinions of an event.

On the other hand, I appreciated Jessica Schonberg's article, which stated the facts about that evening.

Betty Villano

Fort Mill