Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - October 17, 2007

Limbaugh didn't defame soldiers

On Oct. 1, Sen. Harry Reid went on the floor of the Senate and introduced a resolution condemning Rush Limbaugh for comments made on his show that were taken out of context and twisted into a vicious smear intended to assassinate Rush's character. This is the same guy who a few weeks ago accused our troops of murdering innocent civilians in cold blood.

What Sen. Reid was smearing Rush about was his calling 23-year-old Jesse Macbeth a phony soldier. Who, might you ask, is Jesse Macbeth? He is the former poster boy for the liberal Democrats who oppose the war and hate President Bush. He was embraced by the anti-Bush crowd after he complained that the government wouldn't pay for treatment of his post-war stress syndrome. He told stories about killing innnocent civilians in cold blood and burning their bodies. He said that they even hanged some of these from the rafters in the mosques.

The truth is that Macbeth was not a corporal in the Army Rangers and did not recieve a Purple Heart. He was kicked out of boot camp after he served 44 days in the Army. He never went to war, never saw anyone murdered! What he did do was file a phony claim with the Department of Veteran Affairs. He received a sentence of five months in prison and three years' probation.

Do you think Rush's referrence to him as a phony soldier unconscionable and blasphemous? Democratic Sen. Harry Reid and the Dems in Congress do, even when they know that what Sen. Reid preached as fact was, in fact, a pack of bald-faced lies. When we go to the ballot box, I suggest to you that if you vote for any of these Democrats, you are indeed stupid. If you re-elect these folks or any of the Republicans that hate America, the blood of our brave soldiers is on your hands as well. May God bless America.

Jeff Fairfax


SCHIP veto nexcusable

It is inexcusable that the president should veto any bill that improves health coverage for average Americans, much less coverage for children. We have the most expensive health care in the world, with the most unfair distribution to our citizens. Every step toward a more equitable system is a step in the right direction. The president would have us move backwards on health care. If we can afford untold billions of dollars per year on warfare, we can afford to ensure that our children have adequate health care.

Timothy Moe

Rock Hill