Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - October 18, 2007

People must control their dogs

I live in a nice, middle-class neighborhood in Rock Hill. There are many dog owners here. I am one of them. I take care to make sure that my dog does not disturb the neighbors. In fact, our dog is treated like one of the family.

However, my frustration is growing over dog owners who leave their barking dogs out all day and most nights. This one-time quiet neighborhood now has barking dogs as a constant background sound. Some of these dog owners just tie their dogs up in their backyards and allow them to bark all day and night. When the weather is mild enough that we could leave our windows open at night, we can't because of the constant barking.

Wake up, people! If your dog is barking constantly it's not good for the dog and extremely rude to your neighbors. I know there are laws that cover this, but rather than calling the police on such trivial matters, I would ask that people have the common sense to not allow their dogs to bark day and night. Unfortunately, in this day and age, actually going up and asking your neighbor politely seems like a bad idea because you never know how they are going to react. If they don't do anything about the problem and you are forced to call the police, they'll have a good idea who did. God forbid they get annoyed at you (because of their rudeness).

Another part of being a responsible dog owner is to clean up after your dog. There are people who walk their dogs and allow them to do their business on other people's front lawns. Some just open the door and let their dogs go unattended to do whatever wherever they please. When I walk my dog, I always bring a bag to clean up after her. This is not only a law but common courtesy.

Also, I have noticed quite a few people parking their cars on the front lawn. I'm not talking about parking alongside the driveway on the side, I'm talking about parking your car on the front lawn. It is a law that you cannot park your cars on the lawn. Why would you want do such a thing to begin with? I have found that it would be difficult at best, if not impossible to start a homeowners association because so many people have become disgusted and moved out, only to rent their homes out to people who might not care as much about our neighborhood as those who own their houses do.

I'd like to see my neighborhood remain a nice place to live. So please, keep the dogs quiet and cars off the front lawn.

Paul Church

Rock Hill