Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - October 20, 2007

America is nation built on tolerance

In Joshua McManus' recent letter to the editor, "Something Wrong In America," he makes bold claims regarding the founding of our great nation.

1. Mr. McManus claims "this country was founded upon the King James version of the Bible." I would suggest that he reread the Declaration of Independence. The reference to God occurs only twice, and only in regard to an individual's "inalienable rights." This document's underlying statement is that the United States was founded on the rights of the individual. There is absolutely no reference to Christianity or the King James Bible in the Declaration of Independence.

The Constitution is a completely secular document, which has no mention of God. The founding fathers wanted a separation of church and state for the benefit of both institutions. Countries such as Iran, Taliban-led Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia all intertwine their church and state, and look at how they treat their citizens.

I also would suggest that Mr. McManus review Article 11 of the 1797 "Treaty of Peace and Friendship between the United States of America and the Bey and Subjects of Tripoli, or Barbary," which states: "As the government of the United States ... is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion." This document was ratified by the Senate and was the third unanimous vote in the Senate's history.

In fact, many of the founding fathers were not Christians at all. Many of them were Deists, who doubted Jesus' divinity.

2. Mr. McManus also makes the assumption that "God was expelled from the classroom." Anyone can pray in a classroom, but the school cannot mandate prayer. If a child wants to pray before a test (this I can personally attest to) they can and often do. The separation of church and state is a fundamental one, which must be upheld in every state-controlled entity.

3. Mr. McManus believes that supporting gay marriage and being pro-choice will destroy America. This is utter nonsense. If the Bible were the true source of morality in the country, slavery would have never been abolished, and stoning unruly children at the edge of town would be an alternative to detention!

I do agree with Mr. McManus' statement that it is time for America to wake up. America needs to embrace its history once again and stop the madness that is going on in Washington, D.C. America has been led to pre-emptive war. Our political system has turned into a "pay to play" system in which corporate elites buy votes and trample on individual rights. Americans' privacy is invaded under the guise of security. We need our founding fathers' wisdom now more than ever, and I hope the system of government they envisioned can be restored.

Mike Toohey


The perfect candidate for president in '08

There is a candidate out there who would be absolutely perfect for this great country of ours. He's not running for president, but in my opinion, he should. He would instantly be the front-runner and has the experience in the Senate as well as the White House to get things moving, and has proven his leadership ability both while in office and in the private sector. This candidate is Al Gore!

Al Gore has not only time and time again proven his commitment to this country as well as the world by winning the Nobel Peace Prize, but has the experience to handle world affairs, enact positive conservation methods for combatting climate change, which is no longer a theory, and can improve our economy and bring down the national debt, as was proven during his time served as the vice president, unlike increasing it, as the current administration has done.

Please, Mr. Gore, our country needs you in these times! Please run for president in 2008!

Robert J. Daly

Fort Mill

Candidate embodies fictional hero

"Who is John Galt?" (The opening line of Ayn Rand's great novel, "Atlas Shrugged," which every American should read.)

Hopefully, it's Ron Paul.

Charles Blackwell