Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - October 22, 2007

People have to think for themselves

Strange, the head of a nation that imprisoned the diplomatic staff of our nation is asked to speak at an Ivy League university in our country. The decision to allow this was protested by some. For one of the few times, I agreed with The Herald and, forgive me, Dan Rather. That's democracy, it's in my religion, my blood.

Is it a matter of control? Are the staff and faculties of the colleges and universities in our nation going to control the minds of our future leaders, or will they teach those leaders to think by giving them the facts, the truth, the history so they can decide for themselves? I still hear my dad saying, "Think, boy, it's the hardest work you will ever do." Or shall they be indoctrinated as to what we think is right for all people? Which is democracy, dad or faculty?

One could point a finger at those pastors, religionists, who tell their congregation what to think. I am a pastor/chaplain, now retired. I hope I never told anyone what he or she must, believe. I do hope I led them to Isaiah 1:18 where my Yahweh asks all, "Come let us reason together..." and think with him, based on the ages of historical truth in his word.

Ours is a great country, anyone can speak, teach at most universities and schools, unless that one is a professor speaking on intelligent design. The majority of the settlers of our nation were of the Christian faith, from which they got and we inherited our ideas of freedom. Christian freedom is fearfully fraught with responsibilities, for ill use can become abuse.

Gardner C. Koch

Rock Hill

Many helped during emergency

On Sept. 28, The Boyd Community Center held a Senior Health Fair, which my husband and I attended. During that visit, my husband passed out in the parking lot, falling hard, causing injury to his head, wrists and knees. The lawn maintenance men saw him fall and moved him from the middle of the pavement to a grassy, shady spot and ran for help. The help was immediate.

Carolyn Snyder, Scott, (sorry, Scott, I didn't get your last name) and Terry Hagen, plus many more were on the scene with ice, towels, water and anything else we needed. When it was determined that an ambulance was needed, I believe it was Terry who called, then waited with directions to our location.

A nicer bunch of people would be hard to find. We would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank each and every one of them. They followed up with phone calls, and Terry, who turned out to be one of our neighbors, stopped by to see Kai when he got home from the hospital. Kai was admitted to the hospital and given blood transfusions that night. His accident pointed to a serious medical problem that is now being taken care of.

So, again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the wonderful, caring people at The Senior Center. Those I've named and those I didn't get names of. They treated the two of us with dignity and respect.

Kai and Ruth Hansen

Rock Hill

Help restore Ellis Ilsand

Give the lady a dollar!

Most of us have seen the ad on TV concerning Ellis Island, which of course holds our beautiful lady, the Statue of Liberty. However, the buildings surrounding her are in bad need of repair due to age and weather damage. So, I had this brainstorm! Wouldn't it be great if everybody in America would send a dollar to help restore this worthy landmark? This is a project we can all afford to become a part of, even our kids!

Think about it and let's do it!

This letter is being mailed to as many worthy newspapers as possible so everyone can get involved. Don't you just love doing a little something for your country? I do! For more information, go to www.WeAreEllisIsland.org.

Jayne Fudge


Drought claimed lives of fish

I know we are in drought, but those poor fish at Forest Hills Cemetery in Rock Hill could have all been saved, since they are in process of making the pond deeper. I have been checking those fish every day and trying to throw some food to them. I just left there, and all those big and small fish are dead! It's so awful.

Karen Eason

Rock Hill