Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - October 23, 2007

Reconsider zoning proposal

I am writing about the proposed elementary school rezoning for my children and the many other children in my subdivision, Village Green/Wellsbrook, located off Firetower and Neelys Creek roads. Most of the children are elementary school age and attend Independence Elementary, which is less than two miles away.

I feel very strongly that we are doing a great disservice to our youngest children, the elementary-age children. Their school day is the earliest to start. By moving them to Belleview, our young children would have get up even earlier and wait at the bus stop before the sun comes up. They also would be forced to ride the bus for a longer period of time to and from school.

We have three elementary schools, Independence, Lesslie and Mount Holly, close to our homes! Our children are connected to this community and their schools. They feel ownership of and pride in their schools. They know they may be forced from their schools, but they do not understand why. They know they may lose an important family community where they feel supported, loved and connected, and they are fearful and sad about that.

Parents could choose to drive their children to and from school, but this would cause a tremendous amount of traffic in an already congested area at the intersections of Firetower and Porter roads, White Street and Albright Road and the three way intersection of Albright Road, U.S. 21 and Anderson Road. The current congestion dilemma is only going to be exacerbated by more cars. It makes no sense to further irritate an existing traffic situation that the York County Council and the school board acknowledge is a problem.

This proposed rezoning also would create hardship for parents who drop their children off at school and need to get to work. This clearly does not take into account how hard it is to turn left onto Albright to get to I-77. It is nearly impossible now for a car to get out of the Bi-Lo parking lot on Albright, much less for many, many cars at one time to get out of the Belleview neighborhood. The Belleview neighborhood is not equipped to deal with this new influx of traffic, either. There are few access points out of that neighborhood. What impact would this have on the people who live in the Belleview community who also need to get to work?

Whether cars or buses are carrying children, we are inviting a dangerous traffic nightmare! Not to mention the fuel costs and valuable time spent sitting in traffic to send our children farther from home.

I urge the board to reconsider if this rezoning is in the best interest of the families being affected. I believe the answer is clear: It serves no one, not the children nor the residents of the Lesslie and Belleview neighborhoods.

Kati Stringer

Rock Hill

Keep sex orientation to yourselves

All I hear or read is about gay and lesbians. I am sick and tired about reading about them. I am a Christian and God-fearing woman. Whatever your sex, keep it to yourself and stop putting in the newspaper.

Judy Burgess

Fort Mill