Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - October 24, 2007

Campaign rally was awesome

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed attending the rally for presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama the other night at Northwestern High School. He is awesome! What a breath of fresh air!

I encourage people to listen and visit his Web site.

Fired up and ready to go!

Jenny Johnson

Rock Hill

Let football team raise the money

Well, once again my child has come home with a folder full of ways I can raise money for her school to afford new computers and books for the library. Normally, I did not have an issue with helping the schools -- until the decision of the school board to give surplus money to artificial turf and a new scoreboard for a minority of the district's students. Maybe before they voted to spend this money on something so frivolous, they should ensure that children who go through their schools can read a scoreboard or the ads placed on it. Maybe they should have asked the football teams to raise the money.

I wonder how long it would have taken them to raise the money for this by selling wrapping paper, cookies, magazines, etc. Maybe you could have enticed them with a 50-cent prize like they do my child. I do believe my first-grader could have made a better decision on how the surplus money should be spent than the supposedly educated vote of the board, especially since she is being told how much her school needs computers.

Please make sure these board members are not re-elected. Maybe we should ask our teachers and students to make these decisions. My hats off to the teachers and principals who have to endure yet again.

Tammy Hansford

Rock Hill

Other ways to save water

During a seven-year drought in southern California, restaurants stopped automatically serving a glass of water to each customer. It was also urged to place a brick or a can in the tank of the toilet to reduce water usage.

Stu Moskovitz

Fort Mill